Pick and Place Machine
Mounting SMDs in SMT assembly line
Using JUKI Pick and place machine to produce high-end PCBA& obtain a smooth running SMT line.

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Key Tools To Improve Production Line Efficiency
 Class leading speed, up to 47,000 cph
Newly developed “Takumi Head” with changing recognition sensor height
Optimum line balance and highest throughput
Wide component range from 0201 (metric) to large connectors and ICs
Optimal for LED placement
High Productivity

The JUKI RS-1R is a high-performance SMT (Surface Mount Technology) pick and place machine designed to significantly enhance your production efficiency. Its advanced automation technology ensures fast and efficient component placement.

This machine offers exceptional flexibility in component handling. It can accommodate a wide range of component sizes and types, from small components to complex QFPs and BGAs, ensuring precise placement for diverse production needs.
High Precision

With its state-of-the-art vision system and precision positioning technology, the JUKI RS-1R guarantees superior placement accuracy, reducing the rate of defective products and improving overall product quality.
Intelligent Optimization

The equipment is equipped with intelligent scheduling and production optimization features, allowing it to adapt to changing production demands automatically. This minimizes manual intervention and maximizes your production efficiency.

The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for operators to learn and use, reducing training costs and making the operation straightforward.
What Is A Pick And Place Machine?
Pick and place machines are essential tools in modern manufacturing, particularly in industries such as electronics, semiconductors, and PCB assembly. These machines automate the process of accurately picking up electronic components and placing them on printed circuit boards (PCBs) with precision.
    • Precision and Accuracy: Pick and place machines are designed to handle a wide range of electronic components with exceptional precision. Their ability to position components accurately is critical for the reliability and functionality of the final products.
    • Speed and Efficiency: These machines operate at high speeds, enabling rapid and consistent component placement. This efficiency is vital for high-volume manufacturing, where manual assembly would be significantly slower and prone to errors.
    • Versatility: Pick and place machines are versatile and can accommodate various component types, sizes, and orientations. This flexibility allows them to adapt to different production requirements and component variations.
    • Labor Reduction: Automation with pick and place machines reduces the reliance on manual labor, lowering labor costs, and minimizing the risk of errors or fatigue-related mistakes.
    • Increased Throughput: Pick and place machines substantially boost the number of PCBs processed per hour, resulting in higher overall production throughput. This enables manufacturers to meet customer demands more effectively.
    • Consistent Quality: These machines ensure that components are placed accurately and consistently, reducing the likelihood of defects and the need for rework. Consistency in quality leads to fewer product failures and returns, enhancing customer satisfaction.
    • Reduced Downtime: Pick and place machines can work continuously without breaks and have minimal setup time between production runs. This minimizes downtime and keeps the manufacturing process running smoothly and efficiently.
    • Cost Savings: Despite the initial investment in pick and place machines, they offer significant long-term cost savings through reduced labor costs, decreased defects, and increased productivity. These cost savings contribute to improved profitability for the customer.
    • Scalability: Pick and place machines can be scaled to match changing production needs, making them adaptable for both small and large-scale manufacturing operations. This scalability ensures that customers can adjust their production capacity as demand fluctuates.
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pick place machine in Iraq
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JUKI R-1R pick and place machine for Communication Equipment in Kazakhstan
JUKI SMT Line with JUKI R-1R pick and place machine for Communication Equipment in Kazakhstan 01
JUKI SMT Line with JUKI R-1R pick and place machine for Communication Equipment in Kazakhstan 02
JUKI SMT Line with JUKI R-1R pick and place machine for Communication Equipment in Kazakhstan
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  • What training and support services are available for the Pick and Place Machine?

    We offer comprehensive training and technical support services, including operation training, troubleshooting, and remote assistance.  If you need, we can also go to your factory for Training and installation. We are committed to ensuring customers fully leverage the performance of the Pick and Place Machine.
  • Does this machine support custom requirements?

    Yes, we provide customization options to meet specific production needs. Please contact our sales team for more information on customized solutions.
  • How often does the machine require maintenance?

    The maintenance frequency depends on usage. It is generally recommended to conduct regular checks and clean the machine to ensure all components are operating correctly. Detailed maintenance guidelines can be found in the product manual.
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