SMT Dictionary & SMT Abbreviations

In surface mount technology (SMT) industry, there are many abbreviations. 
Some are well-known, others you need to familiarize.
SMT Dictionary & SMT Abbreviations
What does SMT mean?
SMT  –  Surface Mount Technology
SMD  –  Surface Mount Device
PCB   –  Printed Circuit Board
PCBA –  Printed Circuit Board Assembly
BGA  –  Ball Grid Array
CSP  –  Chip Scale Package
QFN  –  Quad Flat No-Leads
FPC   –  Flexible Printed Circuit
IC   –  Integrated Circuit
What does DIP mean?
DIP – Dual In-Line Package
THT – Through-Hole Technology
PLCC – Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
LCC –  Leadless Chip Carrier
PGA – Pin Grid Array
SOP –  Small Outline Package 
TSOP –Thin Small Outline Package
TSSOP–Thin Shrink Small Outline Package
What does OEM mean?
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
ODM – Original Design Manufacturer
EMS – Electronics Manufacturing Services
NPI – New Product Introduction
BOM – Bill of Materials
ESD –  Electro-Static Discharge
NEV – New Energy Vehicles 
What does AOI mean?

AOI  –  Automatic Optical Inspection
SPI   –  Solder Paste Inspection
AXI   –  Automated X-ray Inspection
FOV –  Field of View
ICT   –  In-Circuit Test
FPT  –  Flying Probe Tester
CCD –  Charge-Coupled Device
What does CPH stand for?

CPH  – Components Per Hour
P&P  – Pick & Place machines 
LED –  Light Emitting Diode
NDT – Non-destructive
STB – Set Top Box
What does CE mean?

CE – Conformité Européenne
UL – Underwriters Laboratories
ISO – International Organization for Standardization

CPK – Process Capability Index
AERB – Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
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