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Advanced Electronics PCB Assembly SMT Solutions for Computers and Phones

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electronic devices

Computers and Phones

Computers and mobile phones are the most common electronic products in our daily life. They all adopt modern electronic technology and communication technology, providing great convenience and entertainment for people.

Computers are composed of central processing units, memory, hard disk, graphics card, motherboard, power supply, etc., used for computing, storage, processing and display of various information.

The mobile phone is a portable communication terminal, composed of processor, memory, screen, camera, battery and so on.

SMT technology is one of the most commonly used production technologies in the electronic manufacturing industry, widely used in the production of mobile phone and computer PCB boards.

For PCB boards, SMT technology can realize high-precision automatic mounting of electronic components and fast reflow welding, effectively improving production efficiency and quality. At the same time, SMT technology can also achieve miniaturization and lightweight circuit boards, making mobile phones and computers more portable and easy to use.

The production and manufacturing of these products are inseparable from SMT and DIP production processes.

PCB board of Mobile phone

PCBA of Mobile

PCB board of a tablet computer

PCBA of Tablet PC

Computer`s PCBA

PCBA of Computer

SMT ( Surface Mount Technology) and DIP ( Dual in-line Package) are two different processes used in PCB assembly of computers and mobile phones.

SMT process is mainly used to mount surface-mounted components (such as chips, capacitors, inductors, etc.), DIP process is mainly used to mount dual-in-line package components (such as sockets, switches, etc.).

SMT and DIP processes have their own advantages and scope of application in the PCB assembly process of computer and mobile phone, which should be selected and applied according to the actual situation.

More details about Advanced Electronics PCB Assembly SMT Solutions for Computers and Phones, please Contact Us for freely.

Following are the Solution for your reference.

SMT Process:  Solder Paste Printing --> SPI Inspection --> Components Mounting --> AOI Optical Inspection --> Reflow Soldering --> AOI Optical Inspection --> X-ray Inspection

Advanced Electronics PCB Assembly SMT Full-line Solution equipment as follows: : 1 person to operate the whole line, 1 person to assist, total 2 people.


DIP Process: Plug-in --> Welding --> Maintenance --> PCB depaneling machine

Advanced Electronics PCB Assembly DIP Full-line Solution equipment as follows: Personnel are adjusted according to the product, 8-20 people.

DIP Selective Wave Soldering Solution

- Automatic PCB Loader

- PCB Conveyor

- On-line Selective Wave Soldering Machine

- PCB Conveyor

- Automatic PCB Unloader

Solution Data:

SMT Capacity Evaluation 3 sets pick and place machine;  production capacity 55,000-65,000CHIP/H
Total Power 85 KW Operating Power 20 KW
Applicable Product SMD components within 100pcs, 0201-45mm, max PCB width 350mm
DIP Capacity Evaluation Depending on the number of spots, 2-3 seconds per spot.
Total Power 70 KW (2 sets)
Operating Power 20 KW (2 sets)
Applicable Product Medium and high-end products requirements, Max PCB width 350mm
Workshop Size L30m x W15m , total area 450 ㎡

If you are a factory to produce computers and phones, please contact us for PCB Assembly SMT & DIP Solution. 

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