for SMT line euipment
Acquire fundamental skills for using SMT equipment or establish a basic konwedge of SMT equipment through a comprehensive training course.

SMT Machine  & 

Software & Maintenance Training

Learn the best way for operating the smt line machine. Upon successful completion of an SMT line equipment training course at I.C.T, participants will be awarded a certificate recognizing their newly acquired skills.
      Training Features
  • 1. Face-to-face training at I.C.T Training Center
    Come to our factory for training.
    Experience hands-on sessions covering SMT equipment operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Benefit from a focused learning environment and network with professionals.
  • 2. Face-to-face training at customer production sites
    I.C.T enginer visits and conducts training.
    Customized training comes to you! Our experts assess your facility, tailor the program to address specific challenges, and optimize SMT equipment performance on-site. Enhance your team's skills with practical insights in your real-world production environment.
    ※ It is necessary to bear the cost of accommodation, transportation, and trainer work for the trainer separately.
  • 3. On-line training
    You can take online training via the Web.
    The course can be divided into several days on basis, so training can be performed according to the convenience of the person in charge.
    We provide basic training, Q & A methods, etc.
    ※ It is also possible to use face-to-face and on-line training together.
Booking a training
Please contact our sales representative first to confirm the training courses and participants. Let's schedule the training.
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