Sales & Delivery Terms
Clear agreements to ensure fair and safe transactions, clear delivery and payment details.

Sales & Delivery Terms

1. Introduction:

Acceptance of a quotation implies agreement with these sales and delivery terms.
2. Price:
We offer various standard pricing terms, such as FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW and other quotation formats for collaboration. Written quotations are binding, and any production equipment, drawings, or similar materials used as the basis for the quotation remain the property of the supplier.
3. Ownership:
Full ownership is transferred upon the buyer's complete payment. Product ownership, copyrights, and other rights are held by the copyright owner, who can take action in case of a breach of the purchase agreement by the buyer.
4. Order:
Buyers are not allowed to cancel, modify, or postpone orders without written consent from the supplier, and only if they cover incurred expenses and pay for the goods in cash. The responsibility and costs rest with the buyer until the goods are fully paid for.

5. Delivery:
Delivery times are as specified in the order confirmation and depend on the product specifications at the time of ordering. A delay in delivery does not give the buyer the right to cancel the purchase unless the supplier is informed in writing to address the issue, and the supplier fails to deliver within a reasonable time. If the delay in delivery is due to the actions of the buyer, the delivery time may be extended within reasonable limits.

6. Force Majeure:
Events beyond the supplier's control, such as war, riots, strikes, lockouts, epidemics, and other circumstances, may excuse delays or non-performance.

7. Deficiencies:
The supplier is not liable for errors or defects resulting from improper handling, transportation, storage, assembly, or other negligence beyond the supplier's control, or for ordinary wear and tear.

8. Payment:
Payment terms are specified in the order confirmation.

9. Product Liability:
In cases of personal injury caused by a defective product supplied or installed by the supplier, the supplier shall only assume the general legal liability imposed on the seller. The supplier accepts no further liability for products made with materials provided by the buyer or products manufactured by the buyer (including materials provided by the supplier), unless the damage can be attributed to the supplier's products.
One-stop Shopping Guide
  • 1. Providing customized SMT solution based on customer products, budgets, and workshop environments.

    2. Offering design drawings and confirming electrical voltage requirements.

    3. Providing necessary accessories such as SMT feeder to customers.

    4. After the customer places an order, we will efficiently complete production notices, and order processing.

  • Payment
    1. Our company supports multiple payment methods, including T/T, L/C, and D/P, among others, allowing customers to choose the most suitable payment method for their needs.

    2. T/T payment method requires a 30% deposit before ordering and the remaining 70% balance paid before shipment.

    3. Our company also supports multiple currency settlements, including USD, EUR, RMB, HKD, and more, to facilitate customer transactions.

    4. The flexibility of payment and currency options offered by our company provides customers with greater convenience and ease in conducting business transactions.
    Quality Assurance
    1. Our production process strictly adheres to the ISO 9001 quality management system standards.

    2. We conduct comprehensive testing and verification of our products, including environmental adaptability, reliability, durability, incluing appearance, configuration, function, and accessories of our products to ensure they meet our quality standards.and more.

    3. We use high quality production line equipment and testing equipment to ensure product consistency and stability, and can be used in a variety of scenarios.
    Delivery Time
    1. The normal production cycle of our products ranges from 5 to 35 days, depending on the complexity and volume of the order.

    2. Once the products are ready, the logistics process is initiated, which takes approximately 40 days to transport the products to the customer's location.

    3. The logistics process includes transit time as well as customs clearance time.
    Transportation Safety
    We take transportation safety very seriously, and we employ a variety of measures to ensure that our products arrive at their destination in optimal condition.
    1. Vacuum-packed Plywood

    2. Securing Machines with Straps

    3. Marking Boxes as Fragile and Upright

    4. Prohibit stacking
    Shipping Method
    Transportation methods are typically divided into three main types: sea, land, and air.

    1. Sea transportation: is the slowest but most cost-effective way to transport goods to their destination.

    2. Land transportation: is usually faster than sea transportation, but also more expensive.

    3. Air transportation: is the fastest and most expensive mode of transport. It is suitable for situations where goods need to be delivered quickly.
  • Technical Support 7 * 24

    1. I.C.T. overseas technical support engineers can provide on-site machine installation and training services at your factory.

    2. The I.C.T. team also offers online support services. We will provide operation manuals and machine installation videos for your reference, and our engineering team can guide you online. (This method has successfully provided full-line installation support for over 50 overseas customers from 2019 to 2022, earning recognition from our customers.)

    3. We have partners in your area who can also provide local services.

    4. If you need to replace parts, we can send them within 3 working days.



    1. The warranty period for I.C.T machines is typically 12 months.

    2. During the warranty period, we provide customers with free vulnerable parts.

    3. We conduct a series of quality checks on each machine before packaging,

     including checks on appearance, working condition, and tightness of each component.

    4. We also offer lifelong technical support to ensure customers are able to use our machines effectively.



    1. Machine maintenance involves various aspects, such as cleaning, lubrication, and replacement of wear parts.

    2. Calibration adjustments and hardware inspections are also important aspects of machine maintenance.

    3. The specific content of machine maintenance may vary depending on factors such as the type of machine, operating environment, and frequency of use.

    4. Proper machine maintenance is essential to ensure the long-term performance and reliability of the machine.

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