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【Real-time update】 I.C.T Offers Global Support Service in Iraq

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On March 8th, our SMT engineer Wick Wang went to Iraq to provide installation services for our new customer. This service includes installing and debugging various SMT equipment, software, and systems to ensure smoothly operate and put them into production.

During the execution of this task, the engineer needs to follow safety standards and procedures, and ensure that all work meets customer requirements and company policies.

He will also train the customer's engineers on how to operate each equipment correctly and safely.

The end customer is a local government unit in Iraq, mainly producing security monitoring equipment. Based on the customer's actual needs and budget, we have developed an SMT semi-automatic production line suitable for them.

Mainly equipments are semi-auto printer, PCB conveyor, JUKI RS-1 pick and place machine, PCB conveyor, T series reflow oven

Let's track the entire process of after-sales service together in real-time:"

ICT SMT Engineer in Iraq

The 7th day in Iraq:

After three days, the training for full smt line machine was over.

The fist step is to learn about the safety protocols for operating these machines. Including personal protective and understanding the emergency shu-off procedures in case of an accident.

The next step is to learn how to set up the machine for operation. Including the apporopriate sofeware, adjusting the machine`s settings, and calibrating the machine for accurate operation.

Overall, training for pick and place machines, stencil printers, and reflow ovens requires a combination of hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge, and troubleshooting skills.  It is important to work with experienced technicians or trainers to ensure safe and accurate operation of the SMT machines.


I.C.T Global SMT Machine Installation

The 5th day in Iraq:

Today, the full line SMT machine were transported to the workshop, Our Engineer assisted them in unpacking and arranged all the euipments according to the layout, completed the connection of SMEMA.

Preliminarily explain the name and function of all the SMT machines to the customer`s engineer.


I.C.T in Iraq

The 1st day in Iraq:

Today, Wick participated in the technical seminar of the client's tablet computer project, which focused on core components, spare parts quantity and ratio of spare occupied, achievable performance, system latency expectation and other issues.

And work with customers to prepare the goods and tools needed for training and installation.


I.C.T Global Service has been on the way

I.C.T Global Service has been on the way:

I.C.T SMT engineer Wick Wang is on the way to Iraq for Installation and Training.

Wish everything goes well.


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