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As a global intelligent equipment provider, I.C.T has continued to provide intelligent electronic equipment for global customers since 2012. 
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  • Alibaba Sales PK Competition in March Ended Perfectly Yesterday!Finally, the total sales amount reach 1160W RMB in March and ranks NO.1 in this competition, also creating the highest monthly sales in I.C.T`s history. We BREAK Through ourselves!


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  • JUKI India provide Turnkey SMT Solution to India & Egypt & Saudi Arabia & UAE & Pakistan with I.C.T toghter."We see a strong match with JUKI India " explain I.C.T`s Managing Director Shanny True.Such in-depth cooperation has lasted for 7 years since 2015, the number of customers we cooperate with h


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  • Today, cleaning of PCB and other spare parts is almost mandatory in SMT production plants, especially in high-end areas. PCB must be thoroughly cleaned of production residues as well as dirt to ensure reliable further processing and trouble-free performance. Other spare parts will also degrade over time with the equipment. For example, the nozzle of the pick and place machine will be used for a long time, and the nozzle hole will be blocked by dust, which needs to be cleaned regularly. Especially where sensitive and thus mostly expensive modules are used, such as in the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, in medical technology or telecommunications, the assembled PCB board cleaning is a full and important production step. But even with the so-called no-clean manufacturing, it may be that these components must be cleaned to avoid malfunctions. The thorough removal of flux residues, colophony, resin, oxides and soldering materials are the main tasks in the cleaning of printe


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  • With the increase in assembly density and the emergence of fine-pitch assembly technology, nitrogen-filled reflow soldering processes and equipment have been produced, which have improved the quality and yield of Lyra Reflow Oven, which has become the development direction of Lyra Reflow Oven.


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  • What is the development history of Full-auto SMT Production Line?At present, China has become the largest SMT application country in the world. The popularization of Full-auto SMT Production Line has made a huge contribution to the development of my country's electronic information industry.


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  • After half a month's hard work, today is a day for all I.C.T staff to relax and have fun. After this team building, all I.C.T staff relaxed their mood, adjusted their state, and made the team have more cooperative consciousness.


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  • What are the features of the Full-auto SMT Stencil Printer?Full-auto SMT Stencil Printer is important production equipment in the Full-auto SMT production line. Its product characteristics and performance advantages require further study.


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  • As a key project in Industry 4.0, the MES system is currently emerging in various industries. In addition to some familiar industries such as tobacco, automobiles, and food, there are also some emerging industries, such as Semi-auto SMT Production Line.


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  • What are the operating steps of the Full-auto SMT Stencil Printer?Full-auto SMT Stencil Printer is indispensable equipment in SMT process production. It is generally composed of board mounting, solder paste, imprinting, and circuit board transfer.


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  • Since the birth of the pick and place machine in the early 1980s, the basic functions have not changed much, but the pick and place requirements are mainly the requirements of speed and accuracy. With the rapid development of the electronic information industry and the miniaturization and high density of components The development of assembly is not what it used to be. we put early The so-called small batch-level equipment mainly used for product trial production and scientific research, that is, the manual pick and place machine, which was used in the future and is still in use, is excluded from the scope of discussion, because these pick and place machines are technically incapable in terms of technical level and scope of use. Compared with mainstream pick and place machines. As far as the mainstream pick and place machines used for mass production are concerned, it can be technically classified into 3 generations so far.


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