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Fully SMT Solution for Smart Meters Manufacturing

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Smart Electric Meter PCBA

Smart Electric Meter PCBA

The customer's actual production of smart Electric meters PCBA as an example: the overall product size of 240MM * 158MM. According to the product information and the actual process requirements for customers to configure the following program line, taking into account the production process difficulties and efficiency.

Case Study: SMT & DIP assembly line for Smart Electric Meter Manufacturing


March 2024, South America, SMT & DIP full assembly line delivery completed sucessfully. Electrical power system field, smart electric meter products actual production and application.


I.C.T adopted an integrated SMT and DIP assembly line, optimizing both processes to meet stringent quality and production targets of smart meters.

  • SMT process flow: Solder paste printing → printing inspection → component placement → reflow soldering → optical inspection

  • DIP process flow: Component insertion→wave soldering→repairing and tinning

1. Configuration of SMT Assembly line for Smart Meter configuration:

I.C.T SMT Solution for smart meter (6)

SMT Assembly line for Smart Meter

I.C.T SMT Solution for smart meter (1)

SMT Assembly line for Smart Meter

I.C.T SMT Solution for smart meter (2)

SMT Assembly line for Smart Meter

I.C.T SMT Solution for smart meter (11)

SMT Assembly line for Smart Meter

  • SMT PCB loader machine ---------------- PCB loading

  • SMT Printing machine -------------------- Solder Paste Printing

  • PCB conveyor ----------------------------- PCB Transfer

  • High Speed Chip mounter --------------- Component placement

  • Pick and place machine ------------------ Component placement

  • PCB conveyor ----------------------------- PCB Transfer

  • Reflow oven ------------------------------- Reflow Soldering

  • Cooling Buffer ----------------------------- PCB cooling, caching

  • Turn Conveyor ---------------------------- PCB Transfer, Reversing

  • PCB conveyor ----------------------------- PCB transfer

  • AOI ---------------------------------------- Optical Inspection

  • Inspection conveyor --------------------- Screening of NG/OK products

  • Turn belt conveyor ----------------------- PCB Transfer, Reversing

  • PCB unloader ---------------------------- PCB take-up

  • Frame Transfer Line --------------------- Returning used frames

  • PCB conveyor ---------------------------- PCB Transfer

2. Configuration of DIP Assembly line for Smart Meter configuration:

I.C.T SMT Solution for smart meter (7)

DIP Assembly line for Smart Meter

I.C.T SMT Solution for smart meter (12)

DIP Assembly line for Smart Meter

I.C.T SMT Solution for smart meter (10)

DIP Assembly line for Smart Meter

According to the size of the workshop, as well as the actual needs of the customer, we seamlessly connect the SMT line body and DIP line body, to realize the fully automatic process between the SMT PC assembly line and the DIP assembly line, to reduce the cycle time of manual PCB handling.

3. Staffing of SMT & DIP Production Line: 

According to the configuration of the SMT & DIP production line, product adjustment, the entire line of all staffing is as follows:

Engineer: 1 person

Operator: 5-6 people (SMT & DIP)

Quality control QC: 2 people (SMT & DIP)

The actual staff can be flexibly adjusted according to the product and demand

4.  Program Data of SMT & DIP Production Line:

Fully automated SMT & DIP production line
Capacity Evaluation Smart Meter Module PCBA Estimated Capacity 1000PCS/H
Smart Meter PCBA Estimated capacity 450PCS/H
Others Calculated according to actual number of components and number of people
Power Maximum line power approx. 80 kW
Operating power Approx. 26KW
Others Calculated according to actual equipment
Applicable products Medium and high end products can be satisfied. Maximum PCB width: 340mm.
Line size L20m*W13m, total area 260 square meters.

To learn more about full SMT & DIP line solutions for smart meter, please see the video:

The Process Difficulties and Overcome of SMT Production Line:

1. Mounting Accuracy of SMT Placement:

The placement process must ensure a very high degree of accuracy. Components must be accurately placed in the PCB on the predetermined pads. With the continuous reduction of component size and pin spacing continues to shrink, the positioning accuracy of the placement machine requires more and more high.

-- Wire body configuration good use of imported high-precision chip mounter, placement accuracy of ± 30um; at the same time, the equipment is equipped with high-precision recognition camera, can effectively identify a variety of BGA, QFP and other precision devices.

2. Solder Paste Printing Quality:

SMT process needs to consider the printing quality of the solder paste, which is a particularly important environment throughout the production process.

-- In order to ensure the printing quality of the solder paste, before printing, the paste will be warmed back to the temperature, and then centrifugal stirring using a solder paste mixer, so that the paste to play the maximum activity. At the same time, the configuration of high-precision solder paste printing machine, the precision of the printing machine up to ± 0.025mm.

3. Soldering Quality:

In order to ensure long-term reliability, furnace temperature profile control and soldering quality must meet high standards.

--Furnace temperature profile is tested and adjusted using professional furnace temperature testing equipment; we will provide professional training to customers, and before each shift to start production, the reflow temperature will be tested and verified to ensure the stability and reliability of the furnace temperature.

4. Inspection and Quality Control:

After the SMT placement process, accurate inspection must be performed to ensure that there are no misalignments, short circuits, and other problems.

-- The smt line is configured to use Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) inspection system for placement quality to improve the consistency and reliability of production.

I.C.T After-sales Service :

I.C.T engineers will arrive at the customer's factory to assist in setting up the factory and full SMT & DIP production line. We provided installation and  training services, ensuring the cleanroom SMT workshop adhered to ISO 14644 standards. The workshop's temperature was maintained at 24±2℃, and humidity was kept between 40% and 60% to ensure optimal equipment performance.

For any production line needs of smart meters or related products, please contact us.

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