As a global intelligent equipment provider, I.C.T has continued to provide intelligent electronic equipment for global customers since 2012. 
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  • Applications of SMT and THT Turnkey Solutions in the Aerospace Industry
    The Aerospace Industry is a critical field for technological advancement, demanding products with exceptional reliability, stability, and performance. To meet these requirements, the assembly and connection technology of electronic devices play a crucial role. This article explores the specific applications of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through-Hole Technology (THT) equipment in the aerospace industry and their role in providing high-quality aerospace products. Read More
  • I.C.T | SMT Technology Empowers the Future of the Semiconductor Industry
    As the backbone of modern technology, semiconductors play an irreplaceable and important role in many fields such as computers, communications, medical care, and energy. In order to meet the growing demands of the market, I.C.T continue to lead innovations, using SMT technology to inject new vitality into the semiconductor industry. Read More
  • Industrial Control: Key Role and Innovative Applications in the SMT Assembly Equipment Industry
    Industrial control technology plays a crucial role in various industries, particularly in the field of electronics manufacturing. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is an indispensable process in modern electronics manufacturing, and the widespread application of industrial control technology brings numerous advantages to the SMT assembly equipment industry. This article will explore the current applications and future trends of industrial control technology in the SMT assembly equipment industry, demonstrating its positive impact on the electronics manufacturing sector. Read More
  • Smart Home Manufacturing: Integrating SMT and THT Production Line Machine
    Smart Home Manufacturing: Integrating SMT and THT Production Line EquipmentWith the rapid advancement of technology, smart home products are gradually becoming an integral part of our lives, making our homes more intelligent, convenient, and efficient. These smart home products, such as small applia Read More
  • SMT Technology in Automotive Electronics: Prospects and Future Trends
    Automotive electronics are indispensable key technologies in the modern automotive industry, playing an increasingly crucial role in areas such as intelligent driving, connected vehicles, and electrification. Surface Mount Technology (SMT), as an advanced electronic assembly method, has become an essential player in the automotive electronics field. This article explores the prospects and future trends of SMT technology in the automotive industry. Read More
  • I.C.T | One-Stop SMT Solution for Communications Equipment Manufacturing
    SMT and DIP technology play a key role in the manufacturing of communications equipment, and they enable communications equipment to be smaller, higher performance, more reliable, while enhancing production efficiency and customization capabilities. Read More
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