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SMT Solution for Solar Panel Manufacturing

Views: 0     Author: I.C.T     Publish Time: 2023-06-07      Origin: I.C.T


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Solar Panel Manufacturing

Solar Energy Industry

With the increasing demand for renewable energy, solar power has become increasingly important as a clean and sustainable energy source. Solar panels are the core components of solar power systems, converting solar energy into electricity. 

To meet the growing market demand, solar panel manufacturers require efficient, precise, and reliable production processes.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) solutions are advanced electronic manufacturing technologies widely used in the production process of electronic devices. By directly mounting electronic components on the surface of circuit boards, SMT replaces traditional through-hole assembly methods, providing higher production efficiency and improved performance consistency.

In solar panel manufacturing, SMT solutions play a crucial role. They offer a highly automated manufacturing process, ensuring accurate component placement and precise alignment. This is critical for the performance and reliability of solar panels. Through SMT technology, solar panel manufacturers can achieve the following advantages:

  • Increased Production Efficiency: The high automation and fast assembly speed of SMT integrated solutions greatly enhance the production efficiency of solar panels. They can handle large volumes of electronic components and complete the assembly process in a short time.

  • Enhanced Manufacturing Precision: SMT technology possesses high-precision component placement capabilities, ensuring accurate positioning and alignment of components. This helps improve the performance and consistency of solar panels, reducing variations between modules.

  • Optimized Space Utilization: SMT integrated solutions allow components to be directly mounted on the surface of circuit boards, reducing the space required for through-hole assembly. This enables more compact designs and higher energy density.

  • Improved Quality and Reliability: The precision and automated testing capabilities of SMT technology contribute to better quality control of solar panels. Automated testing ensures that each component meets performance and reliability standards, reducing the risk of defects and failures.

There are some pictures of PCBA for your reference. Any other PCBs, please contact us for more details.

Power cell protection PCBA

Power cell protection PCBA

Battery protection PCBA

Battery protection PCBA

Solar panel PCBA

Solar panel PCBA

I.C.T as a leading provider of SMT solutions, we understand the unique requirements of solar panel manufacturing. Our expertise lies in offering comprehensive SMT solutions tailored specifically for the solar industry. Our advanced technologies and industry knowledge allow us to optimize production processes, ensuring seamless integration of electronic components onto solar panel assemblies.

The SMT solutions provide manufacturers with the tools and support they need to achieve optimal performance and cost-efficiency. Our range of services includes equipment selection, process optimization, training, and ongoing technical assistance. We work closely with our clients to develop customized SMT solutions that meet their specific production goals and requirements.

For the Solar Panel Manufacturing, We can provide full SMT Line Solution and DIP Line Solution.

Following are the base SMT Solution for your reference.

SMT Process: 

Full SMT Production Line Solution for Solar Panel Manufacturing are as follows: 1 person to operate the whole line, 1 person to assist, total 2 people.

SMT Production Line Solution for Solar Panel Manufacturing

- Automatic PCB Loader

- Full-auto SMT Stencil Printer

- Translational Shuttle Conveyor

- Dual-lane SPI Optical Inspection 

- Dual-lane Pick and Place Machine

- Dual-lane Reflow Oven 

- Dual-lane AOI Optical Inspection 

- NG/OK Unloader

DIP Process: 

I.C.T Tester --> PCB Cutting Machine --> Soldering Robot --> PCB Conveyor --> Dispensing Machine --> PCB Conveyor --> UV Curing Oven --> Working table

Economical DIP Production Line Solution equipment as follows: Personnel are adjusted according to the product, 3-15 people.

Solution Data:


Capacity Evaluation

1 set pick and place machine;  production capacity 40,000-45,000CHIP/H

Total Power


Operating Power


Applicable Product

SMD components within 50pcs, 0201-42mm, max PCB width 350mm


Capacity Evaluation

Depending on the number of components and people

Total Power


Operating Power


Capacity Evaluation

Low capacity requirements or simple products, Max PCB width 350mm


Workshop Size

L25.2m x W9m , total area 227 ㎡

Case Video for your reference:

Contact us to learn more about our SMT solutions and how they can enhance your solar panel manufacturing processes.  Our team of experts is ready to provide you with detailed information, discuss your specific needs, and assist you in implementing the most effective SMT solution for your solar panel production.  Together, we can drive the success of your solar power endeavors.

I.C.T - Your Reliable Dearest Partner

For you we can provide Full SMT Line Solution, DIP Line Solution and Coating Line Solution with best quality and service.

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