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As a global intelligent equipment provider, I.C.T has continued to provide intelligent electronic equipment for global customers since 2012. 
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【Real-time update】I.C.T Global SMT Technical Support in Europe

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 Stay tuned for more updates

 Next stop, Greece.

I.C.T Customer

Finland Cusomers

Finland Station 

Successfully delivered

Train SMT Machine

The third day in Finland

After the installation of SMT equipment, our engineers will be responsible for equipment debugging and provide professional technical training to the customers. The importance of the debugging process is to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment. Here are our debugging and training step:

  1.   Vacuum SMT Loader

  • Introduction to the basic principles and operation mechanism of the vacuum mounting machine.

  • Safety guidelines and precautions, including correct equipment handling, protective measures, and emergency procedures.

  • Explanation of the components and functions of the operation panel of the mounting machine.

  • Normal operating procedures of the mounting machine, including loading/unloading of boards, vacuum suction, and release, operation control, etc. 

  2. Full-auto SMT Printing Machine

  • Brief introduction to the software menu, including setting print parameters, image processing options, etc.

  • Basic steps for programming and debugging, such as image processing, adjustment of print parameters, conveyor belt speed, etc.

  • Safety guidelines and precautions, such as correct operating posture, monitoring machine operation status, etc.

  • Basic guidelines for daily maintenance, including cleaning, maintenance, lubrication of components, replacement of consumables, etc.

  3. Pick and Place Machine

  • Importing and editing CAD coordinate files for the pick-and-place machine, as well as basic editing techniques.

  • Methods for modifying and calibrating MARK points and origin coordinates.

  • Basic operations for component configuration, feeder and nozzle settings.

  • Basic process and debugging techniques for optimizing split station positions.

  • Please note that these are the translated versions of the steps you provided. It's important to ensure that the translations accurately convey the intended meaning.

  4. 1200 LED Cooling Vertical Buffer

  • Installation and debugging


SMT Production Line

The second day in Finland

Today our engineer install SMT Production Line for customers


SMT Engineer in Finland

The first day in Finland

I.C.T engineer safely landed at the airport in Helsinki airport, Finland.

A beautiful sunrise

Next, we will begin installing and training for SMT production line customers, starting a new journey of work.


I.C.T SMT Global Service Europe Station

The I.C.T team is about to embark on a global service trip | Europe station

Our team engineer will start European tour on May 10th to Finland, Denmark, Greece, and Malta to provide technical support and services.

Here, we will share more updates about this event, stay tuned for updates.


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