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Successful Delivery of SMT Production Line in the Greece Security Applications

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In the field of Security Applications, an efficient and reliable production line is crucial for manufacturing high-quality products. Recently, we successfully delivered a complete SMT Production Line to a leading manufacturer of security applications in Greece. This production line includes key equipment such as SMT Destack, Automatic SMT Printer, Hanwha Pick and Place Machine, Reflow Oven, NGOK PCB Unloader. I.C.T provide a comprehensive production solution for the customer.

SMT Line Machine

Understanding I.C.T Customer Requirements

smt production line

Our customer is a renowned manufacturer of security equipment in Greece, aiming to optimize the manufacturing process of their security applications, including access control systems and smoke alarms. They realized the need for a comprehensive SMT production line to streamline the assembly process, improve production efficiency, and ensure consistent product quality.

Providing Customized SMT Solutions

Our I.C.T team thoroughly understood the customer's requirements and designed a SMT production line, including SMT Loader, Full-auto Stencil Printer, SMT pick and place machine, reflow oven, NGOK SMT unloader, and various specialized equipment. Each equipment was carefully selected to provide precise, efficient, and reliable capabilities for security manufacturing, meeting the customer's demands. Furthermore, a customized layout plan was provided based on the actual factory space and requirements, maximizing the utilization of available space. By optimizing the equipment and workspace layout, congestion and stacking were reduced, resulting in an optimized production flow and increased efficiency.


Technical Support and Delivery

To ensure a smooth implementation process, engineer Andy was responsible for the setup and installation of the production line. Andy arrived at the customer's factory on May 29th and meticulously coordinated the installation process, performing precise calibration for each equipment and addressing any technical challenges encountered during the installation phase. Andy provided comprehensive technical support throughout the installation stage, quickly resolving issues to ensure the production line operated smoothly and met the customer's manufacturing requirements. Through effective collaboration and problem-solving, Andy and the customer's engineering team successfully optimized the performance of the production line, enabling the customer to achieve their production goals efficiently.

With the SMT production line operating smoothly, the customer experienced a significant increase in manufacturing efficiency and output. The SMT automatic printing machine and SMT placement machine achieved precise component installation, reducing errors and shortening production time. The reflow soldering oven ensured consistent soldering quality, enhancing the reliability of the security devices. The NGOK Unloader and splicing table further optimized the assembly process, improving the coherence of the production flow.

smt loader


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