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Security Camera SMT Production Line in Oregon State University

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In 2018, our company received an inquiry from Oregon State University in Russia and learned that they will receive government support to establish an Engineering Center in the university, invest about 30 million rubles to purchase SMT and DIP production line equipment, and plan to use this in the future. This SMT production line provides local OEM services and exports a large number of SMT professionals to the society.
In order to meet all the production needs of the Engineering Center, we recommend a set of SMT machine line suitable for them. By September 2019, the SMT equipment passed one month of production and testing, and it took one month of transportation to arrive at the Engineering Center of Oregon State University, Russia. The engineering department personnel have completed the machine, electricity and gas correctly according to the planning drawings made by our engineers. In November, Mr. Romeo, an overseas engineer of I.C.T, came to the Engineering Center. In the next 10 days, he will debug each device for customers and give detailed equipment use training for graduate students.

Among them, university graduate student Ilya Prokopov often asked Roemo about the programming of the JUKI pick and place machine RS-1R , and quickly became familiar with the operation of the JUKI SMT line. As for Denis Vidakas, a student in the Department of Automation Control Systems and Cybernetics, he always focuses more on the operation and use of the solder paste printing machine , how to maximize the use of various functions on the SMT printer, such as the SPI function(Solder Paste Inspection).
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SMT Production Line

During this period, the first batch of 500 PCBAs for security cameras have been produced. After reflow soldering oven , each PCBA has passed the AOI inspection. As a result, there is no problematic .
Next, the Engineering Center has conducted R&D and production of the following products: water meters with wireless modules, fire detectors, and voice fire alarms.

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Wave Soldring Machine

In 2020, the Oregon State University Engineering Center provided the customer EcoDom with the production of electronic air purifiers, and became a strategic partner with the customer to lay the foundation for the subsequent research and development of medical equipment.
As the number of orders increased, the production department of the engineering center was converted to 3 shifts, with 12 hours per working day. There are currently 14 people involved in the production line, including technicians, operators, technical experts and chief engineers.
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