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  PCB Conveyors for Board Handling
PCB Loaders & unloaders, inspection conveyors, PCB buffer, traffic control and other conveyors for PCB assembly line. I.C.T has all your PCB handling needs covered.

PCB Handling Machine

What Can PCB Handling Machine Do for You?

Board handling conveyors is a crucial part of a smooth running SMT production line, DIP assembly line and PCBA coating line. 
From the loader and destacker to other PCB conveyors like the PCB buffers, pass and fail sorters, flip and unloader. PCB board handling is a PCB assembly line key player.
PCB Conveyor
PCB Conveyors
The PCB handling conveyor operates with built-in online and pass-through modes. Depending on the requirements, the appropriate mode can be selected. Signals are transmitted via the SMEMA interface, allowing the PCB conveyor to meet various production needs on the line efficiently.
PCB loader & unloader
PCB Loader & Unloader
The working principle of the PCB loader & unloader involves placing a cassette containing PCBs or PCBAs onto the extension belt of the equipment. Once the automatic mode is activated, the PCB loader & unloader uses a pneumatic push rod to transfer the PCB or PCBA to the next piece of equipment.
PCB Buffer
PCB Buffers
The PCB Buffer operates with three modes (pass-through mode, buffer mode, and sorting mode), selectable based on production requirements. Signals are transmitted via the SMEMA interface to meet different SMT production line, DIP assembly line and PCBA Coating line​​​​​​​ needs.
PCB Handling machine is essential for efficient and stable production in SMT production lines, DIP assembly lines and PCBA coating lines
PCB handling conveyors, PCB loaders & unloaders, and PCB buffers automate and streamline the transfer, loading, unloading, and temporary storage of PCB boards. This automation reduces manual intervention, prevents line stoppages, and ensures continuous operation, ultimately enhancing production efficiency and providing greater benefits for enterprises.
Customizable Solutions in the SMT Industry

Tailored PCB Handling Solutions for Your Industry

In the SMT industry, the PCB conveyor, PCB loader & unloader, and PCB buffer systems are designed with flexibility to meet diverse customer requirements. Both the length and width of these systems can be customized to suit specific production needs.

Customizable PCB Handling machine serve as the main equipment, featuring a one-click width adjustment function for all transport equipment along the full SMT production line, DIP assembly line and PCBA Coating line.

PCB Conveyor

Our PCB handling conveyors are adaptable in length and width, ensuring seamless integration into any production line setup. This customization allows for efficient handling of various PCB sizes, optimizing space and workflow in your facility.

PCB Loader & Unloader

The PCB loader & unloader systems can be tailored to accommodate different PCB dimensions and production line configurations. This customization ensures smooth loading and unloading processes, enhancing overall production efficiency and minimizing downtime.

PCB Buffers

The PCB Buffer systems are also customizable in size to fit specific operational requirements. This flexibility ensures effective buffering and sorting of PCBs, adapting to varying inspection and quality control processes within the SMT production line.

PCB Handling Machine: The Industry's Choice For Quality And Reliability

PCB board handing - transport your PCBs from A to B within your SMT production line

  • Transport PCBs from one SMT machine to the next in SMT production line.

    I.C.T High-end SMT Conveyor with CoveyorKey Features of the PCB Conveyor
      Modular Design: The PCB conveyor offers a modular design, allowing optional assembly to meet specific client requirements.
      Rugged Steel Design: Built with rugged steel, the PCB conveyor enhances equipment stability.
      Adjustable Rail Width: It features a smooth stainless steel screw to easily adjust the width of the rail.
      Variable Speed Control: The PCB conveyor includes variable speed control for flexible operation.
      Circuit Board Testing Mode: Integrated circuit board testing mode for efficient quality assurance.
      Dedicated Aluminum Slot: Uses a dedicated aluminum slot for the transfer orbit to prevent PCB jams.
      Heavier Bottom Design: The heavier bottom design ensures the PCB conveyor does not easily shift.
      Customizable Length: The length of the PCB conveyor can be customized according to needs.
      SMEMA Interface Compatibility: The PCB conveyor is compatible with the SMEMA interface, ensuring seamless integration with other equipment.
    Specification of PCB Conveyor
    The length and the max PCB size of the PCB Conveyor can be customized according to your products.
    Model SC-500
    Rail Length(mm) 500
    PCB Width 50 to 350mm
    PCB Direction L to R or R to L
    Speed Adjustable
    Switch Pass Switch
    Control System Industrial control Module System
    Platform Material ESD Rubber Mat
    Communication SMEMA for both in & ou
    Power supply 1 PH AC 220V 50/60Hz (option: 110v to 380v)
    I.C.T SMT Upscale Inspection Conveyor with LightsApplication Scenarios for PCB Conveyor
    The PCB conveyor is primarily used in PCB assembly lines to connect machines. It is commonly placed behind SMT printers, between pick-and-place machines, before reflow ovens, and after reflow ovens. These strategic locations ensure smooth and efficient transfer of PCBs throughout the manufacturing process.

    By incorporating these features, the PCB conveyor ensures efficient, reliable, and customizable handling of printed circuit boards. The PCB conveyor's robust construction and advanced functionalities make it an essential component in modern PCB assembly lines, maintaining high standards of operation and flexibility.

  • The first and last conveyors in your PCB assembly line: PCB loader, PCB unloader & PCB destacker

    PCB LoaderKey Features of PCB Loader & Unloader
      Strong, Firm, and Stable Design: The PCB loader & unloader boasts a robust and stable design, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.
      Touch Screen and PLC Control: Equipped with a touch screen and PLC control, the PCB loader & unloader offers user-friendly operation and precise control.
      Top & Bottom Pneumatic Clamps: Features top and bottom pneumatic clamps to securely hold the magazine rack in place, enhancing the stability of the PCB loader & unloader.
      No PCB Breakage Guarantee: Special gas circuit design guarantees no PCB breakage, ensuring the safety and integrity of your products.
      Automatic Fault Diagnosis: The PCB loader & unloader includes an automatic fault code display function, making it easy to diagnose and fix issues.
      Wear-Resistant Cable: Uses wear-resistant cables, ensuring a long service life for the PCB loader & unloader.
      Compatible with SMEMA Interface: Fully compatible with the SMEMA interface, allowing seamless integration of the PCB loader & unloader with other equipment.

    These features make the PCB loader & unloader an essential component for efficient, reliable, and safe PCB handling in automated production lines.

    Specification of Loader & Unloader
    Model LD-M
    PCB Size(mm) 50*50-330*250
    Rack Size(mm) 355*320*563
    Time Feed PCB Seconds 6 Approx. or Specify
    Indexing Pitch or Specify
    Control System PLC
    Air Supply 4-6bar, 10ltr/Min
    Transport Height 900+20mm(or CustomerSpecified)
    PCB Direction Lto R or R to L
    Communication SMEMA for Bothin & Out
    PowerSupply 1 PH AC 220V 50/60Hz(0ption: 110v to 380v)
    PCB UnloaderApplication and Advantages of PCB Loader and PCB Unloader
    The PCB loader and PCB unloader are widely used in various scenarios such as SMT production lines, DIP assembly lines, and PCBA coating lines. These machines are primarily employed for loading and unloading PCB and PCBA products. The standard equipment accommodates product sizes ranging from 50mm x 50mm to 620mm x 460mm, with customization options available for special size requirements.

    One of the main advantages of the PCB loader and PCB unloader is their ability to pre-load PCBs and PCBAs into material cassettes, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention in automated production lines. This enhancement in efficiency ensures smoother operation and higher productivity in manufacturing processes.

    NG BufferHigh-end NG Buffer
      This device can cache AOI or SPI and other testing machine out of the NG and OK board, OK board will flow to the next process, and the NG board will flow to the upper conveyor to wait for manual confirmation.
      Transmission with durable roller (no need to replace the belt)
      Small machine footprint.
      Fast, smooth and accurate retri
      Parallel and smooth width adju
      Three operation modes: FIFO, LIFO, Pass-through.
      Compatible SMEMA interfa.
    Specification of PCB Buffer
    Model NB-L
    Dimension(mm) 1000*790*1650
    PCB Size(mm) 50*50-460*350
    Cycle Time Approx.10 Seconds
    PCB Capacity 20pcs or Specify
    Control System PLC
    Power Max 250 VA
    Transport Height 900±20mm (or Customer Specified)
    PCB Direction L to R or R to L
    Communication SMEMA for Both In & Out
    Power Supply 1 PH AC 220V 50/60Hz (Option: 110V to 380V)
    Weight 300 Kg
    LED Multi Function Cooling Vertical Buffer
    NG Buffer Key Features and Application Scenarios
      NG Buffer Models: The NG Buffer is available in models NB-L and NB-XL. The minimum PCB size it supports is 50mm x 50mm, while the maximum PCB sizes are 460mm x 350mm and 530mm x 460mm, respectively.
      Application Scenarios: The NG Buffer is primarily used in SMT production lines, particularly after SPI (Solder Paste Inspection), to buffer PCBs for manual inspection of printed solder paste.
    By integrating the NG Buffer into the production line, you can effectively manage PCB flow and ensure high-quality inspection processes.

What Makes PCB Handling Machine Your Ultimate 

Manufacturing Companion?

    In the SMT industry, I.C.T PCB handling machines, including PCB conveyors, PCB loaders & unloaders, and PCB buffers, offer several unique selling points:

    Customizable Dimensions: I.C.T PCB handling machines can be tailored in length and width to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring seamless integration into any production setup.

    One-Click Width Adjustment: All transport equipment along the production line features a one-click width adjustment function, allowing for quick and efficient changes to accommodate different PCB sizes.

    Robust and Stable Design: The machines are built with rugged, firm designs that enhance stability and durability, ensuring reliable operation even in high-demand environments.

    Advanced Control Systems: Equipped with touch screens and PLC control, I.C.T PCB handling machines provide user-friendly interfaces and precise control over operations.

    Efficient Sorting and Buffering: The NG buffer machines offer advanced sorting modes, automatically storing and sorting good and bad PCBs, which reduces manual intervention and improves inspection efficiency.

    Seamless Integration: All our PCB handling machines are compatible with the SMEMA interface, allowing for easy integration with other SMT equipment and ensuring smooth operation across the production line.

    Enhanced Safety Features: Special gas circuit designs in the machines guarantee no PCB breakage, ensuring the safety and integrity of your products throughout the handling process.

    These unique features make I.C.T PCB handling machines stand out in the SMT industry, providing customizable, efficient, and reliable solutions for your production needs.
    Some of the technological innovations and competitive advantages of I.C.T PCB handling machines in the SMT industry include:

    Smart Automation: Integration of advanced automation technologies such as PLC control and touch screen interfaces enhances operational efficiency and reduces the need for manual intervention, leading to higher productivity.

    Adaptive Flexibility: The machines feature customizable dimensions and one-click width adjustment capabilities, allowing them to adapt seamlessly to varying production requirements and PCB sizes.

    Enhanced Safety Features: Incorporation of special gas circuit designs and robust construction ensures the safety and integrity of PCBs during handling, reducing the risk of breakage or damage.

    Advanced Sorting and Buffering: NG buffer machines offer sophisticated sorting modes, automating the storage and sorting of good and bad PCBs, thereby streamlining the inspection process and improving overall efficiency.

    Seamless Integration: Compatibility with the SMEMA interface enables easy integration with other SMT machines, facilitating smooth communication and coordination across the production line.

    Reliability and Durability: Rugged and stable designs enhance the reliability and durability of our machines, ensuring consistent performance even in demanding production environments.

    Continuous Innovation: We are committed to ongoing research and development, continuously striving to introduce new technologies and features that push the boundaries of PCB handling efficiency and effectiveness.

    These technological innovations and industry-leading capabilities give our PCB handling machines a competitive edge in the SMT industry, providing customers with reliable, efficient, and future-proof solutions for their production needs.

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Automate your PCB assembly line with board conveyors, PCB loaders and PCB unloaders, inspection conveyors, wave soldering conveyors, and more.
I.C.T has all your PCB handling needs covered.

Loader & Unloader

Got Questions? Here Are Answers About PCB Handling Machines

  • How is shipping arranged for the SMT PCB Handling machine?
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    形状 Created with Sketch.
    We accept a variety of logistics methods. You can choose the most convenient or cost-effective way.
    Shipping is typically arranged by professional logistics companies based on your location and order requirements, utilizing appropriate methods such as land, sea, or air transport.
  • What is the lead time of the SMT PCB Handling Machine?
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    The lead time depends on the order size, customization requirements, and current production conditions. Generally, we aim to arrange production as soon as the order is confirmed and strive to meet your delivery requirements.
  • How is pricing quoted of the SMT PCB Handling Machine?
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    Pricing is typically based on specific customer requirements, including machine models, customization options, quantity, and delivery location. You can contact our sales team, providing detailed project requirements, and we will provide you with an accurate quotation.
  • What if the machine malfunctions?
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    If the machine malfunctions, please contact our after-sales service team immediately. We will arrange for technicians to arrive on-site promptly for inspection and repair, ensuring your production line resumes normal operation as soon as possible.
  • Do you provide installation and training services?
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    Yes, we provide installation and training services. Once the machine arrives at your facility, if you need, our technicians can go to your factory to install it and provide necessary training for your operators to ensure they can operate and maintain the equipment properly.
  • Do you offer customized solutions?
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    形状 Created with Sketch.
    Yes, we offer customized solutions tailored to customer-specific requirements for PCB Handling machines. Please inform us of your needs, and we will provide you with a customized solution.
    Also, we can do OEM service, but you need to send us your packaging and logo design.

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