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C O M P A N Y   N E W S
All-Round SMT Solution Provider

One-stop Turnkey SMT Solution

Through Asian supply chain output, I.C.T helps customers build factories from A to Z, including technical evaluation, equipment provision, workshop planning, technical support and after-sales service.
I.C.T provide one-stop turnkey SMT solution.
I.C.T stays with every customer for years by every case.

Technical Support

I.C.T provides overall technical solutions for electronic factory setup, makes rational planning for governments, institutions, associations and participates in industrial technology standards improvement, and as well as share technical ideas with partner.

Investment Cooperation

I.C.T prefers to work with global manufacturer and service providers by ways of investment or acquisition. The business core scope is factories or enterprises in SMT industry chain. I.C.T would like to create a benefit community by bringing the Asian supply chain to partners and assisting partners improvement. 
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SMT Case​​​​​​​s
Take you to analyze SMT production lines in different industries and let you know more I.C.T stories.​​​​​​​
Specialized in Products
            I.C.T As an SMT Factory Solution Partner, Mainly Provide Full SMT Line Machine. Including SMT Pick and Place Machine, PCB Reflow Oven, SMT Stencil Printer, PCB Wave Soldering Machine, PCB Handling Machine and SMT Peripheral Equipment for Global Customers.
I.C.T Cases and SMT Application Areas
SMT Production Line, smd pick and place machine
Turnkey SMT Production Line for Security Industry
In March 2023, I.C.T engineer went to Iraq to provide installation and training services for turnkey full SMT line machine.

JUKI RS-1R, SMT Line, underwater drone
I.C.T SMT Solution for Underwater Drone
In April 2022, I.C.T provided an SMT solution for making underwater drones. This is I.C.T's first time to cooperate with this kind of customer.
          For many years, I.C.T has always been adhering to the concept of "Perseverance and Focus, Only for Quality". It has a complete production technology and strict inspection process. Each machine has undergone strict quality testing before shipping to ensure that it provides customers with assured and satisfactory products.
      I.C.T's local service provider or overseas engineer will go to the customer's factory to provide equipment installation and commissioning, and personnel training services.
      After-sales problems will be feedback within 2 hours, and solutions will be provided within 24 hours.
I.C.T - Your Reliable Dearest Partner
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