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We provide one-stop SMT solution, Reliable SMT partner.
Local Service
Global Service Network, Asian Efficiency and Price, Localized Service (Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia) 
Fast Grow Up SMT Team
2018-2020, The Chinese Mainland Export SMT Equipment Ranked Number.1 (Data from Alibaba Export Statistics)
LED Industry

LED SMT Full solution

We mainly provide SMT and DIP solutions for LED products, including LED tube, LED bulb, LED panel, LED strip and LED driver.
All Line Equipment

SMT machinery on display

We always have a lot of different SMT production machinery on display. Along side that we also display supporting units.
SMT Case

SMT Full Solution provider

Global after-sales service is always on the way. Provide Full SMT solution for different fields, LED, PCBA , OEM and so on.

Complete SMT machine supplier
- A strong SMT partner -

I.C.T-SMT offers

At I.C.T we supply OEM and EMS company's in the electronic industry with Surface Mount Technology assembly line machinery & equipment in World. 

Furthermore our in-house service department offers skilled service on SMT machinery onsite, training & machine factory at our showroom at HQ.

SMT machinery

We are the exclusive supplier of   SMT total solution equipment. 

 SMT Screen Printers, Pick & Place, Software packages and Automated Optical Inspection, X-ray & solder paste inspection:  AOI,  X-Ray & SPI.  We offer the complete line-up from I.C.T - the SMT machinery supplier.

We are specialists

We excel in all high-end SMT machinery & equipment that gives you a smooth-running assembly line. 

We offer the  complete SMT line-up with PCB  board handling,  soldering reflow ovens, supporting SMT units, SMT shop & SMT extras that will influence your up-time in a positive way
Better SMT Technology Team

I.C.T USA Customer

This is semi-auto SMT Production line  for LED (LED Module).

High-quality SMT solutions ,  Good Services.

I.C.T Iran Customer

This is Full Automatic SMT Production Line in Iran for OEM. 
SMT Production Process, SMT Production Line

I.C.T Russia Customer

This Full-auto SMT Production Line and DIP Line for Produce Security Industry Products, Like Smoke Detector.
Complete SMT line supplier - I.C.T the assembly line machinery supplier
With I.C.T as your SMT partner you get a complete SMT line supplier that offers SMT machinery to the modern SMT assembly line. 
As a complete SMT line supplier we offer all SMT line-up machinery, SMT supporting units, SMT extras, Coating Services, Financing & an SMT shop.
I.C.T  - a exclusive sole SMT line supplier of  Hanwha SMT machinery  Reflow ovens &  SMT Handling machines  in World.
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I.C.T Global Service in Egypt

I.C.T provides high-quality SMT solutions including high-quality SMT production lines, PCB assembly lines and good overseas services.

I.C.T LED Lamp Production Line

I.C.T's professional solutions and engineering team. provide flexibility for LED production line, LED SMT line, LED lamp production lines. Increase productivity quickly and efficiently.

What Tests are Required for a

I.C.T company was established in 2012, we help many customers set up their factory from 0 to 1. Any I.C.T brand was knew in many countries. 
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