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I.C.T Technical Support for PCBA Router Machine to Electronic Consumer Product Manufacturer in the Philippines

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Date: August 28, 2023

For Immediate Release

Subject: I.C.T SMT Engineer Heads to the Philippines to PCBA Router After-Sales Technical Support

INDUSTRY: Office Equipment & Electronic Consumer Products

PRODUCTS: Epson & Toshiba Printer (Office Equipment)

We are pleased to announce that I.C.T as a manufacturer of Tunkey SMT Production line solutions that has been committed to providing overseas after-sales support, I.C.T's SMT engineers have traveled to the Philippines to provide professional technical support services to customers who have purchased our PCBA Router Machine.

The customer is a manufacturer that produces office equipment ( e.g: Epson, Toshiba printer) and electronic consumer products. The purpose of this purchase of a curve divider is precisely to improve productivity, reduce scrap rates, and ensure the quality and reliability of electronic products.

PCBA Router 5700L

I.C.T-5700/5700L | SMT PCBA Router Machine

The PCBA router machine is widely used in electronic manufacturing industry. 

It is used to divide electronic components that have been surface mounted from a large electronic component board into individual circuit boards (often called printed circuit boards or PCBs). 

This process is an important step in the electronics manufacturing process, allowing each board to be used independently for a variety of electronic products.

In order to ensure that our customers fully utilize the performance of this leading product, our SMT engineer will provide comprehensive support including installation, commissioning and maintenance to ensure proper operation of the equipment and maximize production efficiency.

The core objective of this assignment is to reinforce our commitment to the Philippine market by providing high quality after-sales service to meet the needs of our customers in the operation and maintenance of PCBA router Machines as well as SMT line solution equipment. Our engineers will actively interact with our customers to solve any problems they may encounter, ensuring the stable operation of their production lines and helping them to stand out from the competition in the market.

We look forward to providing excellent technical support services to more customers in Philippine and other countries, and I.C.T's strong commitment to continuous overseas after-sales support will continue.

If you need more information or have SMT equipment needs, please feel free to contact us.

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