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I.C.T | Establish Strong Connections with Local Partners - Americas Station

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I.C.T | Establish Strong Connections with Local Partners - Americas Station

The I.C.T team's trip to the Americas was to gain a deeper understanding of local market demands and challenges in order to provide better solutions for local businesses. Through this trip, we exchanged ideas with partners and local enterprises, and gained further insights into market and technological trends in the SMT industry. As a company providing complete SMT Line Solution, DIP Line Solution, and PCBA Coating Line Solution, we have always been committed to providing the highest quality products and services.

I.C.T AT USA station

In the United States, the I.C.T team visited many well-known electronic manufacturing companies, showcasing complete SMT Production Line solutions and gaining their recognition. The trip also deepened our understanding and cooperation with local partners. We plan to build local warehouses and demo center with our local partners to provide better SMT Solution and services for customers.

In Mexico, the I.C.T team visited local partners and SMT company, learning about their production and operation. We also participated in local industry events such as the SMTA exhibition, where we met many partners. This trip showed us that the SMT market is in a high-speed development stage with a great demand. To better provide personalized and market-specific solutions and services for local customers, we plan to establish SMT warehouses and demo center in Mexico with our partners.

I.C.T at Mexico SMTA Exhibition

In Argentina and Peru, the I.C.T team visited local company and factories and exchanged ideas with local industry-leading partners. Although the SMT market in these countries is relatively small, there are still many excellent enterprises striving to develop and grow. In these countries, we also experienced unique cultures and styles, allowing us to better understand the history and background of the region.

Overall, this trip to the Americas allowed the I.C.T team to better understand the market and gain deeper insights into their product lines and services. We will continue to work with partners to provide the highest quality products and services to customers.

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