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I.C.T Delivers a Conformal Coating Line with Return Function in Mexico

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Overseas After-sales Service: A Case of I.C.T's Local Installation and Training Program of Conformal Coating Line with Return Function

In today's globalized economy, businesses are increasingly expanding their operations across borders, leading to a growing demand for reliable after-sales support services. Recognizing this need, I.C.T, as a leading SMT Factory Solution Partner, has developed a comprehensive overseas installation and training program to ensure the seamless integration and optimal performance of its equipment in various international markets. Now let talking about ICT's overseas after-sales service, focusing on a recent installation and training project of PCB conformal coating line with return function in Mexico.

PCB Conformal Coating Line with Return Function in Mexico

Understanding the Context: Setting the Stage for Success

In April 2024, I.C.T dispatched one of its experienced engineers, Andy, to Mexico to oversee the installation and training process at a newly established factory of a Taiwanese-owned company. The project involved setting up a complete SMT PCB conformal coating line, including I.C.T-T650 Inline Coating MachineI.C.T-AI-5146C Inline Coating AOI, I.C.T-IR3 IR Curing Oven, and various peripheral devices essential for the production of power supply boards and battery interconnect boards for new energy vehicles.

Tailored Solutions: Designing a Customized Training Program

Upon arrival at the customer's factory, Andy meticulously inspected each piece of equipment and meticulously arranged them according to the provided space layout. With a keen eye for detail, he conducted thorough testing to ensure the functionality and efficiency of the machinery. Subsequently, Andy embarked on the crucial task of imparting knowledge and skills to the client's engineers through a meticulously crafted training program.

The training curriculum encompassed a wide array of topics, ranging from the basic structural components and electrical circuits of the coating machine to the intricacies of software menus, system parameters, and IO signals. Additionally, Andy provided comprehensive training on the menu navigation and temperature settings of the IR curing oven and delved into the structural and operational aspects of the AOI system.

Hands-On Learning: Bridging Theory with Practice

A hallmark of I.C.T's overseas after-sales service is its emphasis on hands-on learning and practical application. Andy guided the client's engineers through the setup and operation of each machine, ensuring they gained proficiency in routine maintenance tasks and troubleshooting procedures. Moreover, he facilitated a seamless integration of the coating machine and AOI system with the client's MES System, enabling real-time data exchange and process optimization.

SMT Conformal Coating Line with Return Function in Mexico

Certification and Continuous Support: 

As the training program concluded, Andy conducted rigorous practical assessments to evaluate the proficiency of the client's engineers. Those who demonstrated competency were awarded certification, signifying their readiness to operate and maintain the equipment independently. However, I.C.T's commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the training phase. The company provides ongoing technical support, remote troubleshooting assistance, and periodic maintenance services to ensure the continued smooth operation of the installed machinery.

In summary, I.C.T's overseas after-sales service by providing tailored installation and training programs, backed by hands-on learning opportunities and continuous support, I.C.T ensures that its clients worldwide can leverage the full potential of its cutting-edge SMT solutions. As businesses continue to expand across borders, partnerships with trusted service providers like I.C.T become indispensable, fostering growth, innovation, and success in the global marketplace.

Through meticulous planning, customized training, and ongoing support, I.C.T reaffirms its commitment to being a reliable partner in the journey towards manufacturing excellence, wherever its clients may be located.

With I.C.T as your Reliable Dearest partner, success knows no borders.

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