By harnessing the power of global manufacturing, I.C.T delivers SMT equipment infused with the best practices and insights from diverse international markets.
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I.C.T-T650丨SMT PCB Selective Conformal Coating Machine

I.C.T selective coating machine is the new benchmark for simple and efficient PCBA coating. Its easy program making, fast line change settings and high repeatability bring the best results in all directions. It matches different applications and meets various needs. It is widely used in the
fields of drive power, industrial control, LED, automotive electronics, communication, instrumentation, consumer electronics, electronic appliances, military, medical boil, etc.
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I.C.T - T650丨SMT PCB Selective Conformal Coating Machine


I.C.T PCBA Coating Line_

Product Description

SMT PCBA coating line solution(PCBA coating loader+ selective coating machine +coating conveyor + IR curing oven)
1,PLC control, touch screen operation, fault acousto-optic alarm and menu display.
2, Continuous surface spraying, automatic detecting initial distance and coated width.
3, Stepper motor reciprocating coating, can be arbitrary set about PCB before and after the offset. Special aluminum alloy orbit
and stainless steel conveyor chain.
4,Equipped with a fan-shaped spray glue valve, can be automatically.
5,Rubber valve automatically soak, to prevent clogging.

Conformal PCBA Coating Machine T650 PCBA Coating Machine T650

1. Simple: Combine with the international advanced concept, based on the operating system designed in the East, easy to learn.

2. Professional: Learn the advanced design concept of imported coating machine, and the core parts of the machine are all imported top


3. Hedging: Imported hardware configuration, low failure rate in production, and long service life of more than ten years.

4. Safety: Based on the international common design rules, close to the imported coating machine level, the highest safety level.

5. Stability: Mature software, hardware and top production process to ensure the stability of each machine.


PCBA Coating Loader &Unloader

1.Strong,firm and stable design.
2.'soft touch' LED control panel or touch screen can be selected.
3.Top & bottom pneumatic clamps to secure magazine rack.
4.No PCBA breakage guaranty because of special gas circuit design.
5.Automatical diagnosing fault code display function.
6.Wear-resistant cable and have long service life.
7.Compatible SMEMA interface.

PCBA Coating Conveyor 01

PCBA Coating Conveyor

1.Modular design, optional assembly as per client's requirement. 
2.Rugged steel design, improves equipment stability . 
3.Smooth stainless steel screw to adjust the width of the rail. 
4.Variable speed control. 
5.Circuit board testing mode. 
6.Using a dedicated aluminum slot for transfer orbit to prevent PCB stuck. 
7.Heavier bottom design, not easily shift.

Conformal PCBA Coating Line Machine

PCBA Coating IR Oven
1. Control system:Instrument or plc+touch screen or PC control optional,make sure machine working steadily.
2. IR heating: top zones IR heating,good heater compensatory,High thermal efficiency,energy saving,speedy heating, Temperature Accuracy ± 1.5 ºC, room temperature settling time less than 20 minutes.
3. PID intelligent precision controller,automatically control heating volume, fuzzy control function changes the external heating fast,and by internal control ensures more balanced temperature.
4.Use imported big current solid relay,without touch point output,safe,reliable,with special SSR radiator,greatly improve thermal efficiency and lifetime.

Conformal PCBA Coating Line Machine

UV Curing Oven
1. Control system:Instrument or PLC+touch screen control,make sure machine working steadily.
2. UV lamp lifetime can reach 1000-1200 hour,the energy of UV is higher and the penetration ability of the coating is stronger. abnormal 
lamp protection device.
3. Conveyer belt mabe by Teflon materials,has no pole speed regulation, and speed is stable and adjustable.
4. Focus design, import high light reflector lamp shade, instant drying, fast speed..
5. Independent cooling area ensures the low temperature when PCB comes out.


Q: What we can do for you?
A: Total SMT Machines and Solution, professional Technical Support and Service.


Q:Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?
A: OEM & ODM service are available.


Q: What is your delivery date?
A: The delivery date is about 35 days after receipt of payment.


Q: What is your payment terms?
A: 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.


Q: What your main customers?
A: Huawei,Foxconn,Vtech,Sumida,Kemet,Vishay,Bosch,Canon.


Q:  Why choose us?
A: Leading SMT Supplier in China; Trade assurance to USD 560,000+; Professional after-sales service team.

I.C.T - Our Company

SMT Machine

About I.C.T: 

I.C.T is a leading provider of factory planning solution. We have 3 wholly-owned factories, providing professional consultation and services for global customers. We have more than 22 years of eletronic overall solutions. We not only provide a complete set of equipment, but also provide full range of technical support and services, and give customers more reasonable professional advice. We help many customersv to set up factories in LED, TV, mobile phone, DVB, EMS and other indutries all over the world. We are to set up factories in LED, TV, mobile phone, DVB, EMS and other indutries all over the world. We are trustworthy.

SMT Machine


SMT Machine

For SMT Factory Setup, We Can Do for You:

1.  We Provide Full SMT Solution for You

2.  We Provide Core Technology With Our Equipments

3.  We Provide The Most Professional Tech Service

4.  We Have Wealthy Experience on SMT Factory Setup

5.  We Can Solve Any Question About SMT

SMT machine

SMT machine

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