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RS-1R | JUKI Smt High Speed Pick And Place Machine

JUKI RS-1R Smt High Speed Pick And Place Machine.
Even faster assembly of smallest chips (0201 metric) up to large components of 50 x 150 mm or 74 mm edge length for square components.
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JUKI RS-1R Smt High Speed Pick And Place Machine



JUKI RS-1 SMT Pick and Place Machine

Next Generation Smart Fast Modular Mounter

The consistent further development of the tried-and-tested technologies from the RS-1 opens up new, outstanding possibilities:

Even faster assembly of smallest chips (0201 metric) up to large components of 50 x 150 mm or 74 mm edge length for square components. The base frame of the RS-1R has been completely redesigned for this purpose. The unique Takumi head covers even more different component heights and thus achieves a decisive speed advantage. The 360 ° visual component recognition allows the secure detection of user-specific polarity marks. Thanks to the RFID integration in the nozzles, these can be traced back completely together with the components and boards. The machine combines the features of a chip shooter with a mounter for large components. The purchase of each special machine type for it eliminates as well as a change of the placement head.


JUKI Pick and Place Machine

  • New RF Style Feeder Design

    • The new RF style feeders are 17% smaller and 50% lighter.

  • Supports Wide Component Range

    • Build any board from 0402 metric (01005) up to 74mm square and 50mmx150mm rectangular parts for max flexibility.

  • Highly Adaptable Design

    • Dynamically optimizes line balance for highest throughput

  • New Head Design

    • New head design automatically adjusts the centering height based on components placed.

  • Advanced Laser Centering Technology

    • JUKI's Advanced Laser Centering Technology is fast, accurate and reliable for a wide range of parts.

Model JUKI RS-1R SMT Pick and Place Machine
Conveyor Specification standard 150mm conveyor extensions,
upstream and downstream
250mm conveyor extensions,
upstream and downstream
Boar Size minimum 50*50mm
1 buffer 650*370mm(single clamping)
950*370mm(double clamping)  1,100*370mm(double clamping)  1,200*370mm (double clamping)
3 buffers   360×370mm  500*370mm  600*370mm
Component Height    25mm   
Component Size    0201*1 ~74mm /150*50mm
Placement Speed   Optimum   47,000CPH  
IPC9850   31,000CPH   
Placement Accurancy    ±35μm(Cpk≥1)
Feeder Inputs max.112*2

*1 For metric 0201 compliance please contact us.

*2 Using RF(RF08AS) feeders

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SMT Stencil printer

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SMT Stencil printer


SMT Stencil printer

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SMT Stencil printer

SMT Stencil printer

JUKI RS-1R_E.pdf


1. What is the JUKI RS-1R SMT Pick and Place Machine?

The JUKI RS-1R is a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) pick and place machine designed for precise component placement on printed circuit boards (PCBs).

2. What are the key features of the JUKI RS-1R machine?Key features include high-speed placement, advanced vision recognition, versatility with various component types, and user-friendly operation.

3. How does the JUKI RS-1R improve production efficiency?The machine's high-speed placement capability and automated operation significantly increase production efficiency, reducing assembly time and costs.

4. Can the JUKI RS-1R handle a variety of component sizes and types?Yes, the JUKI RS-1R is designed to handle a wide range of component sizes and types, making it suitable for diverse SMT assembly needs.

5. What is the accuracy of component placement with the JUKI RS-1R?The JUKI RS-1R offers exceptional placement accuracy, with placement tolerances typically within 20 to 50 microns (μm).

6. Is the JUKI RS-1R suitable for high-mix, low-volume production?Yes, the machine's flexibility and quick changeover capabilities make it ideal for high-mix, low-volume production environments.

7. Does the JUKI RS-1R come with advanced vision recognition technology?Yes, it is equipped with cutting-edge vision systems that ensure precise component placement and error detection.

8. How does the JUKI RS-1R contribute to improved product quality?The machine's accuracy and consistency in component placement lead to higher product quality, reducing defects and rework.

9. Can I integrate the JUKI RS-1R into my existing production line?Yes, the JUKI RS-1R is designed for seamless integration into existing SMT assembly lines, enhancing overall production efficiency.

10. What support and service options are available for the JUKI RS-1R machine?JUKI provides comprehensive customer support, including technical assistance, maintenance services, and training to ensure optimal performance and uptime.

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