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As a global intelligent equipment provider, I.C.T has continued to provide intelligent electronic equipment for global customers since 2012. 
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  • In the realm of Surface Mount Technology (SMT), precision and efficiency stand as paramount requirements. Manufacturers globally seek inspection solutions that elevate accuracy while streamlining production processes. Enter SMT AOI AI Inspection Technology – a pioneering solution that amalgamates state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms with advanced inspection capabilities.


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  • Manufactured in Japan, the Solder Paste Jet Dispensing Machine comes with professional technical support and training, ensuring proficient operation and maintenance. With comprehensive services and a steady supply of spare parts, clients can place their trust in I.C.T beyond the initial purchase.


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  • Selective Soldering: More Precision and ReliabilitySelective soldering emerges as a beacon of innovation in the realm of electronic assembly, providing unparalleled precision and reliability when connecting through-hole components. In an era where the demand for high-performance electronics is on a


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  • I.C.T's expansion into Europe has been marked by a profound connection with the region's culture, an understanding of diverse market needs, and the establishment of strong partnerships. As we move forward, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. Together with our European partners, we are ready to embark on an exciting journey of innovation and growth.


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  • In the field of electronics manufacturing, maintaining a leading position requires the use of cutting-edge manufacturing technology. One step is surface mount technology (SMT) PCB assembly. PCB assembly plays a particularly important role in the production of modern electronic products in terms of optimizing efficiency and quality.


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  • Insertion machines are essential tools for any manufacturer of electronic products. These machines automate the process of placing components on printed circuit boards (PCBs), which can save manufacturers time, money, and improve the quality of their products.


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  • Using machines instead of people to move PCBs during assembly not only increases production but also significantly reduces costs.With a PCB handling and transport system, any PCB assembler regardless of size, can realize benefits while maximizing the automation capabilities of its inline equipment.


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  • With the global industrial transformation, I.C.T entering Industry 4.0 intelligent MES system management helps customers improve production efficiency, shorten production cycle, and achieve comprehensive scientific traceability management, so as to quickly respond to market changes.


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  • LED display is a flat panel display consisting of small LED modules. It is the largest and most widely used large-screen display technology at present.It can be used not only indoors but also outdoors, waterproof, windproof and rain proof. For example, outdoor advertising large screen, LED informati


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  • I.C.T can provide you with full smt solutions. According to your production needs, provide suitable SMT production line for you, including AOI machine.AOI is short for Automated Optical Inspection, which is widely used in the electronics industry to check the appearance of PCBA assembly at the back


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