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Selective Soldering: A Partial and Precise Soldering Process Enhance Your Production

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Selective Wave Soldering Machine

Development status of selective wave soldering machine:

1. Technology maturity: After years of development and improvement, selective wave soldering technology has a high level of technology maturity. Modern selective wave soldering machine has high-precision solderinging control systems and advanced transfer mechanisms to achieve efficient and accurate soldering.

2. Expansion of application scope: Selective wave soldering is widely used in the electronics assembly industry, especially in high-density circuit boards and surface mount technology. It can handle complex component layouts, small-size components and high-speed circuit boards, adapting to the electronics industry's needs for smaller size and higher performance.

Development prospects of selective wave soldering machine:

1. Automation and intelligence: Selective wave soldering equipment is increasingly developing towards automation and intelligence. By integrating advanced sensors, vision systems and control algorithms, the equipment can automatically identify, locate and weld electronic components, improving production efficiency and quality.

2. Accuracy and reliability: With the continuous advancement of electronic products, the requirements for soldering accuracy and reliability are getting higher and higher. Future selective wave soldering equipment will further improve the accuracy and stability of soldering to meet higher requirements for electronic components.

3. Environmental protection and energy efficiency: In terms of environmental protection and energy efficiency, selective wave soldering technology also has the potential for further development. For example, using more environmentally friendly solder alloys and optimizing energy utilization can reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution during the soldering process.

Application field of selective wave soldering machine:

Selective wave soldering technology is widely used in various electronic equipment manufacturing fields and is an important technical means to ensure the connection quality and reliability of electronic products.

Selective wave soldering solution configuration: 

1. Taking the power electronics PCBA as an example, the overall size of the product is 380MM*290MM; according to the customer's product information and the production process of the product, 4-cylinder selective wave soldering is configured for the customer, taking into account the process difficulties and efficiency in the production process.

DIP process flow: Plug-in → Soldering → Cleaning

Equipment process flow:

Soldering Solution Configuration of Power Electronics

2. Production line configuration:

DIP Production Line

                               6m Insertion Line                    |                PCB Conveyor           |         Selective Wave Soldering Machine

DIP Production Line solution

Nitrogen Generator     |     Automatic PCB Unloader     |    PCBA Cleaning Machine      |     DI Industrial Pure Water Machine

3. Staffing: 

Depending on the DIP production line configuration and product adjustment, it is estimated that there will be 5-6 plug-in operators and 1 engineer.

4. Solution data:

DIP Production Line configuration
Capacity evaluation Power supply electronics Using 4-cylinder machine soldering, the estimated production capacity is 240PCS/H
Automotive electronics Using single cylinder machine soldering, estimated production capacity of 50PCS/H
Other Calculated according to the actual number of components and people
Power Maximum power of the line body

Approx. 52KW (calculated with 4-cylinder machine)

Operating power Approx. 34KW (calculated with 4-cylinder machine)
Other The calculation is based on actual equipment
Applicable product Medium and high-end products can meet, the maximum PCB width: 350MM
Full line size The size of L19m*W4m is required, with a total area of 76 square meters

Process difficulties and how to overcome them:

1. Tin penetration rate and fullness:

In the manufacturing of the electronics industry, solder joint tin penetration and fullness are two important indicators to measure the quality of soldering. They are crucial to ensuring the mechanical strength and electrical performance of the soldering connection. The tin penetration rate and fullness of solder joints are mainly related to the following factors:

1) Keep the flux material active and clean without impurities

—— In terms of spraying the flux material, the first method is to add nitrogen with a purity of 99.999% into the storage tank of the flux material to ensure that the flux has long-lasting activity. At the same time, before the flux material reaches the nozzle , using high-precision filters for filtration.

solder joints

2) Maintain the accuracy and uniformity of flux material spraying

—— In terms of spraying accuracy and uniformity, the equipment uses a 130um high-precision imported nozzle, so that the solder spraying accuracy is less than 0.1mm; for the stroke movement of the nozzle, a Panasonic servo motor is used for precise control.

flux material spraying

3) Keep soldering materials clean, avoid oxidation and contamination, and maintain tin wave stability

—— In the soldering area, the equipment will also add nitrogen with a purity of 99.999% into the tin furnace. At the same time, during the soldering process, the soldering tip will also be covered with nitrogen to ensure that the solder will not be oxidized, thereby reducing tin slag. production; for the cleaning of soldering tips and the stability of tin waves, the equipment adopts automated cleaning and calibration.

4) Control appropriate soldering temperature and time

—— For temperature control, use PID+SSR. In addition, the soldering time and soldering speed can be set individually for each soldering point.

Using 3D X-Ray for soldering inspection can meet customer requirements, and the soldering effect is almost indistinguishable from the European E-brand equipment currently used in the customer's factory.

2. Different solder joint sizes:

1) DIP products have in-line components with different pin sizes, which means that soldering nozzles of different sizes need to be used.

—— In order to solve this process difficulty, the equipment adopts an independent 4-cylinder mechanical configuration, which can install 4 different specifications of soldering nozzles at the same time, and can also install 4 types of nozzles of the same specifications at the same time. It has three working modes that can be used independently, alternately, and simultaneously, which perfectly solves this process problem. Compared with a certain European E brand, we have certain advantages in terms of equipment flexibility.

3. Production capacity requirements:

1) The customer did not have clear demand for production capacity in the early stage. However, the customer adopted a jig design with the same direction and 4-piece layout, which more perfectly matches the 4-cylinder equipment we configured; in terms of production capacity, at this stage, it is enough to match the European equipment used in the customer's factory. A certain E brand equipment; at the same time, the modular design of our equipment means that even if we need to increase production capacity in the future, we only need to purchase separate modules to connect.

Cases of delivery completion:

1)In July 2023, in Europe, the delivery of offline selective wave soldering was completed; the small module machine meets the customers' small batch production needs and solves the problem of customers' high requirements for product soldering quality.

I.C.T on-line selective wave soldering_

2)In September 2023, online selective wave soldering delivery was completed in Europe; the integrated online module machine meets customers' soldering and quality needs for central controls, actuators, instruments and other products in the automotive electronics field. At the same time, the online mode further enhances customer production capacity; 

See Video:  

3)In November 2023, in Asia, online selective wave soldering delivery was completed;

Another online two-cylinder module machine in the field of automotive electronics. Due to the particularity of the customer's products, it has high requirements for soldering speed and quality. Therefore, the temperature control of the equipment is a big test. The equipment uses PID The temperature control method of +SSR keeps the temperature of the tin furnace and soldering tip constant. At the same time, preheating is continuously used for constant temperature control during the soldering process.

2311 I.C.T online selective wave soldering machine in Asia

4)In November 2023, in Europe, online selective soldering delivery was completed; integrated online module machines, LED lighting products, dual guarantees of production capacity and quality, provide customers with the best service support.

23.11 I.C.T on-line selective wave soldering machine in Europe

5)In April 2024, in Europe, online selective wave soldering delivery was completed; spray, preheating, soldering, multi-functional online module machine, diversified integration, the equipment is more compact and flexible. 

online selective wave soldering

6)In April 2024, in Europe, online selective wave soldering delivery was completed, matching customer products, with an independent 4-cylinder design to meet the customer's production needs for new energy vehicle power supplies; comparable to the top selective soldering manufacturer - an E brand in Europe, and at the same time Platform use; in terms of equipment flexibility, it has a certain degree of transcendence.

selective wave soldering machine

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