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As a global intelligent equipment provider, I.C.T has continued to provide intelligent electronic equipment for global customers since 2012. 
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Global Expansion: I.C.T Takes SMT Expertise To Europe

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We are pleased to announce that, I.C.T as a manufacturer of full-line SMT equipment, in November 2023, the service team providing SMT equipment installation and training for global customers set out again. 

Our company specializes in the production of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment, catering primarily to foreign markets and serving clients globally. We offer comprehensive smt solutions, from providing state-of-the-art SMT assembly line equipment to assisting clients in establishing new SMT factories from A to Z.

One of the key highlights of our services is the deployment of our skilled engineers for on-site installation and training. This ensures that our clients not only receive top-notch equipment but also benefit from the expertise and guidance needed to optimize their SMT processes.

I.C.T SMT Machine in Italy

The first destination in this international service is Italy, where we had the privilege of collaborating with a leading company in the LED semi-finished product manufacturing sector. This forward-thinking company chose us as their partner for acquiring PCB handling equipment and pick-and-place machines.

Also the selective wave soldering machine is also the best-selling equipment for European customers.

I.C.T selective wave soldering machine in europe

I.C.T Selective Wave Soldering Machine

I.C.T PCB Loader

I.C.T PCB Handling machine

The journey didn't stop there – our next destination is yet another remarkable location in Poland.

It is also a company that produces LED lights and is integrated from production to sales. It is also very famous in the local area. There are very large production workshops and have complete SMT production lines. In order to better serve the customers and speed up the production schedule, they also chose I.C.T as their partner for acquiring SMT pick & place machine, online dispensing machine, UV oven, LED cutting machine and so on.

Poland _ smt support

This continuous effort to provide global support underscores our commitment to delivering excellence in SMT solutions and customer satisfaction.

At I.C.T core, we believe in fostering lasting relationships with our clients, and this global outreach allows us to connect with diverse industries, understand unique challenges, and tailor our services to meet specific needs.

I.C.T team is dedicated to not just selling equipment, but ensuring that our clients harness the full potential of our cutting-edge SMT solutions. By offering on-site installation and training services, we empower our clients to achieve operational efficiency and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

We look forward to further opportunities to collaborate with companies worldwide, helping them elevate their SMT processes to new heights.

Let's keep listening to our customers.

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