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I.C.T Global Technical Support for Customized Refolw Oven in Malaysia

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Enhancing Global Operations: I.C.T's Overseas Installation and Training Services

In April 2024, Andy, one of our experienced SMT engineers, went to Malaysia to provide installation and training services to our news customer. The cuatomer, a Japanese-owned enterprise specializing in the production of control and microcontroller boards for commercial aircraft, had recently procured a customized I.C.T-T4 Reflow Oven with a conveyor width of 400mm from I.C.T.

Upon arrival at the customer's factory Andy wasted no time in meticulously inspecting the equipment to ensure its pristine condition. Once satisfied, he proceeded with the installation process, paying close attention to every detail, from the placement of the machine in the production workshop to the setup of accompanying accessories such as UPS and transformers. Clear communication with the client regarding power line usage further ensured a smooth installation process and minimized the risk of future complications.

customized T4 Reflow Oven with a conveyor width of 400mm (1)

With the equipment successfully installed, Andy initiated the crucial phase of training the client's engineers. Drawing upon his extensive expertise, Andy provided comprehensive training covering all aspects of the equipment, including its fundamental principles, software functionality, parameter customization, temperature profiling, troubleshooting techniques, and routine maintenance procedures. Through hands-on demonstrations and interactive sessions, Andy empowered the client's engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate the equipment efficiently and effectively.

As the training progressed, Andy fostered a collaborative learning environment, encouraging active participation and addressing any queries or concerns raised by the customer's team. Under his guidance, the engineers gained confidence in their abilities and quickly adapted to the intricacies of the equipment. Subsequent testing of the client's actual production products yielded promising results, validating the effectiveness of the training program and the capabilities of the equipment supplied by I.C.T.

Upon the successful completion of the training, I.C.T presented the customer's engineers with certificates, recognizing their proficiency in operating the equipment. This gesture not only served as a testament to their hard work and dedication but also reinforced I.C.T's commitment to supporting our clients every step of the way.

customized T4 Reflow Oven with a conveyor width of 400mm (2)

In conclusion, I.C.T's overseas installation and training services exemplify our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Through personalized support, technical expertise, and collaborative partnerships, we empower our customers to unlock their full potential and achieve success in today's competitive market landscape. 

As we continue to expand our global footprint, I.C.T remains steadfast in its mission to provide one-stop smart factory solutions and professional serviceworldwide.

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