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【Real-time update】I.C.T Global Technical Support in Kazakhstan

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I.C.T engineer Andy was going to Kazakhstan to provide I.C.T equipment installation and training support for the new customer. I.C.T engineers provide the professional technical support to the customers.

I.C.I SMT Enginner Andy in ka

The thirteenth day in Kazakhstan

Our engineer Andy communicates with the customer's female engineer about the SMT technical problems of Full SMT Production Line today. What a nice lady~


technical support in Kazakhstan 2.14

The eighth day in Kazakhstan:

In the past two days, Andy visited two clients and both of them were full of praise I. C. T's machine and technical services



The sixth day in Kazakhstan:

It's -19 degrees today. Andy takes a break from his busy work and goes out to see these beautiful snow scenery.


The fourth day in Kazakhstan:

Today our pick and place machine and reflow oven have already been set up in our customer factory. Now we were testing the with our customers.



The third day in Kazakhstan:

I.C.T Andy visited the customer's workshop and office. And Andy started training customers on how to assemble machines today.


Kazakhstan SMT Technical Support Trip 2nd day

The second day in Kazakhstan

I.C.T's machine has been lined up in customer's factory. I.C.T team will always provide the best Full SMT Factory Solution for you.


Kazakhstan-SMT-Technical-Support-Trip--1st-dayThe first day in Kazakhstan:

I.C.T engineer Andy has arrived at the customer's factory. And I.C.T's SMT Machine has been in the factory already.

In the next few days, Andy will instruct the customer how to assemble the machine.


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