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Boosting Efficiency in Computer PCBA Production: Integrating PCB Dispensing Machine and SMT Router Machine

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Project Overview

In 2023, a local computer and mainboard PCBA manufacturer in Malta purchased our SMT Dispensing Machine and PCB Routing Machine, integrating them into their existing computer production line. Our engineer, Andy, visited the Customer's factory before May 25, 2023, to install, debug the equipment, and provide relevant technical support and training. The machines operated successfully and were delivered to the Customer on May 26, 2023.

Customer Background

Our Customer in Malta is a well-known local computer and mainboard PCBA Manufacturer with years of industry experience. They focus on producing high-quality and reliable computer products, upholding core values centered around customer satisfaction.

I.C.T Customer factory


With the aim of achieving higher production efficiency and product quality, they chose our SMT dispenser and PCB separator. By introducing these devices, they aimed to improve their computer production line, enhance efficiency, reduce production costs, and ensure product consistency.

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SMT Solution

According to the Customer's requirements, we provided them with a customized solution. Our engineer, Andy, arrived at the Customer's factory on May 25, 2023, and commenced the installation and debugging process. He integrated the Online SMT Dispensing Machine and PCB Cutting Machine with the Customer's existing computer production line, ensuring smooth operation and meeting the Customer's production needs.

Malta Customer factory

Technical Support

In addition to equipment installation and debugging, Andy provided detailed technical training to the Customer. He explained the operational principles, key functionalities, and maintenance tips of the equipment, ensuring that the Customer's operators fully understood and proficiently operated the devices. Through the training, the Customer's team gained essential skills and knowledge to better manage and maintain the equipment, maximizing production efficiency.

Successful Delivery

After two days of debugging and training, the SMT dispensing machine and PCB routing machine were successfully put into operation on May 26, 2023. The Customer's production line can now efficiently produce computer products, reducing time waste and labor costs in the production process. These advanced SMT Machines have helped the Customer improve their production capabilities.

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