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Establish Strong Connections with Local Partners - Southeast Asia Station

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In the vibrant and opportunistic region of Southeast Asia, our I.C.T team embarked on an exciting business trip in June 2023. During this journey, we covered multiple countries, including Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, engaging in in-depth discussions and cooperative negotiations with 10 customers and 35 partners. Below is a review and summary of our experiences with each country and partner:

Firstly, we arrived in Penang, Malaysia, where we met with a local agent who expressed strong interest in our I.C.T products, particularly in SMT Reflow Soldering Oven, Wave Soldering Machine, Selective Wave Soldering Machine, PCBA Conformal Coating Machine, and SMT PCB X-ray. In 2021, we adjusted our strategies to provide a more comprehensive "FULL Solution" to meet the global market demands. We shared our recent successful deliveries of equipment.such as Loader, Automatic Laser Cutting Machine, and PCBA Placement to semiconductor clients, providing efficient and reliable solutions for their production lines.


Moving on to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we had fruitful discussions with an agent who not only recognized the performance and competitiveness of our I.C.T PCB SMT Handling Equipment but also exhibited a keen interest in ICT Nitrogen Reflow Oven. They recognized the importance of the nitrogen environment for the soldering process and gained insight into our solutions and technologies. We introduced our Nitrogen SMT Reflow Oven techniques and their positive impact on soldering quality and reliability, which piqued their strong interest.


In Bangkok, Thailand, we met with a company that has offices in Europe, China, the United States, Southeast Asia, and India. With their own demo center in Bangkok, they organized learning sessions for their technical team on collaborating with I.C.T SMT Machine. Our I.C.T engineers shared more technical aspects with their technical team, deepening their understanding and cooperation. This active communication and sharing has opened up more opportunities for our partnership with the company and furthered the development of I.C.T technology in the region.


Another  partner from Thailand, whose headquarter in Singapore, they showed strong interest in I.C.T SMT machine such as SMT Automatic Intelligence, PCB Laser Marking Machine, SMT Handling Machine, SMT Depaneling Machne, SMT Matrix Intelligent Locked Storage Rack and assembly lines.  This meeting further strengthened our relationship with this agent and opened up new opportunities for our market development in the region.


In Singapore, we met with an agent who emphasized the importance of local services. They expressed significant interest in our range of equipment, including PCB Cleaning Machine, SMT Stencil Cleaning Machine (electric and pneumatic), PCB Router Machine, SMT Matrix Intelligent Locked Storage Rack (can be connected to mounters via MES), SMT Laser Printer, SMT Coating Machine, PCB Dispensing Machine, and PCB Handling Equipment. Their focus on local services aligns perfectly with our service philosophy. We will enhance our collaboration with them, providing customized solutions to meet their needs.


Lastly, we had a meeting with a long-term partner in Indonesia. Over the years, we have maintained a strong collaborative relationship, and they have consistently expressed high satisfaction with our products and services. This meeting further reinforced our cooperation and solidified our position in the Indonesian market.


Of course, we also enjoyed the charm of Southeast Asia during our leisure time. We visited some impressive landmarks and savored the unique local cuisine.

The Grand Palace of Cambodia and Angkor Wat was one of our must-visit destinations. Here, we admired the exquisite palace architecture, magnificent decorations, and stunning temples.

The Grand Palace of Cambodia and Angkor Wat

In Singapore, we ventured to Gardens by the Bay, where we strolled through the garden, marveling at the captivating flowers and unique plant species.

Gardens by the Bay

The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, also left a profound impression on us. These iconic twin towers are not only a landmark of Kuala Lumpur but also among the tallest twin towers in the world.

The Petronas Twin Towers

We indulged in various local delicacies, exploring different flavors and tastes. Whether it was the traditional cuisine of Cambodia, the bustling food streets of Singapore, or the authentic dishes of Malaysia, each dish offered us a unique culinary experience.


Overall, our Southeast Asia trip was not only about expanding markets and building partnerships but also a vibrant journey of culture and gastronomy. Through interactions with our clients and partners, we strengthened our connections and deepened our understanding of the Southeast Asian market. We will continue our dedication to delivering high-quality products and services, eagerly anticipating further collaboration and mutual success with these valued partners.

Through this journey in Southeast Asia, we not only established closer connections with clients and agents but also gained deeper insights into the Southeast Asian market. We will continue to strive for excellence, providing high-quality products and services, and eagerly look forward to further collaboration and mutual success with these partners.

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