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How Does I.C.T Support Our Customer to Set Up LED Factory

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LED Production Line Project Overview

In 2022, I.C.T provided a comprehensive solution to our Finnish partner. On May 24, 2023, the new factory was successfully delivered and is now operating smoothly. The setup of this LED production line included equipment such as suction board machines, fully automatic printing machines, Hanwha placement machines, reflow soldering machines, multi-functional vertical cooling buffer machines, depaneling machines, feeder storage carts, and docking stations. Our senior engineer, Andy, was deployed to the customer's factory on May 15 to establish the new LED factory and provide professional technical support. The project was successfully completed on May 24 and is currently operating without any issues.

I.C.T provides reliable and tight PCBA type one-stop solution. If you need to set up a factory, please contact us and our team will provide you with professional solutions and technical support.

Finland Customer SMT factory (2)

Customer Background

Our partner is a prominent LED factory with a significant presence in the LED manufacturing industry. They specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures for general illumination. Due to their rapid business growth and a drive for increased production efficiency, they decided to establish a new factory and incorporate advanced SMT technology.

Customer Products

Challenges and One-stop SMT Solutions

This project faced several challenges, including equipment selection, technical support, and factory layout. Our goal was to provide the partner with an efficient and reliable SMT Production Line while ensuring seamless integration with their existing production processes.

To address these challenges, we provided a comprehensive solution package. Firstly, based on the partner's requirements and production needs, we designed a customized SMT production line, including key equipment such as Vacuum SMT Loader, Full-auto SMT Stencil Printer, Hanwha Pick and Place Machine, Reflow Soldering Oven, SMT Conveyor, and LED Cooling Vertical Buffer. We also designed the layout for the partner's factory to optimize workflow and efficiency. We ensured that the selection and configuration of each equipment aligned perfectly with the partner's specifications, maximizing production efficiency and quality.

Full-auto SMT Production LineFull-auto LED Production Line

SMT Production Line

Hanwha LED Prodution Line

Technical Support and Delivery

During the setup process, our engineer, Andy, was responsible for the seamless installation and debugging of the entire SMT production line. With his extensive technical knowledge and experience, he worked closely with the partner, ensuring precise execution at every stage. Our team also provided training on the operation and maintenance of the SMT machines, ensuring that the partner's operators and engineers could proficiently operate and maintain the entire production line. After half a month, the new factory was successfully delivered and is now operating smoothly.

Finland Customer SMT factory (1)Issuing training certificates for customers

Finland Customer factory reflow oven

Reflow Oven

Finland Customer LED Production Line Video

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