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Long-Term Cooperation with LED Digital Billboards Manufacturer

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As technology has advanced, new ways have emerged for many companies to advertise their business. Digital billboards and digital window posters are stand-alone signs. By using digital technology, static signage or constantly changing advertisements can be achieved. Not only can these electronic signs be used for commercials, but they can also be used by local news organizations to display recent sports scores and more. We gradually found that these advertised products were more and more on the street.

Our partner CIRRUS is the leader in Digital billboard and Poster. CIRRUS contacted us I.C.T when they built a new factory in State of New Hampshire in 2017. Since the two parties did not know each other, they first purchased some magazines for the SMT loader and unloader.

So our cooperation started with a few magazines. CIRRUS engineers are very professional and have purchased a lot of PCB handling machine according to their successive needs, but the main SMT machine such as pick and place machine is still purchased from well-known manufacturers.

CIRRUS also frequently shared with us their production and market situation. As the market gets better and better, the production capacity also needs to be gradually increased. From one PCB buffer before to four sets, the purpose is to cache 100 PCB at a time. At the same time, more SMT handling equipment was purchased.

Some time ago, they had a new demand. They needed to purchase a traceability device, and the laser marking machine placed in the front section of the SMT line was used to record information on the PCB board. Their PCB material is special and the size is relatively long and narrow, the customer is a little worried about effect of laser marking machine I.C.T-510, so they send us the PCB for us to test. After two tests, the Laser Type was changed from CO₂ to UV Type, which can perfectly meet the PCB. Then they not only buy it with confidence, but also place an new order with us for the conformal coating production line: PCB Coating machine, Loader and Unloader, UV Curing Oven, SMT Conveyors etc.

The engineers of both sides once talked about why they have cooperated with us for a long time and have repurchased many machines? They told us that they thought we were more professional. Whenever they asked us some questions, we could immediately understand where the customer's problem was and answer them quickly and accurately. This makes them feel that I.C.T are very professional on each machine. Therefore, the establishment of trust between the two parties is from the PCB magazine at the beginning to the pre-sale and after-sale service.


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