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I.C.T | Denmark Partner Delivered Semi-auto SMT LED Production Line

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Plant Establishment for LED Energy-Saving Lighting Manufacturer

LED Energy-Saving Lighting Manufacturer Background

smt line for LED Energy-Saving Lighting

In 2022, I.C.T successfully delivered a complete Semi-auto SMT LED Production Line to a professional manufacturer of waterproof and energy-saving lighting signs in Denmark. The production line included equipment such as a 1.8m semi-auto SMT Solder Paste Printer, high speed LED Pick and Place Machine, 8-zone Reflow Oven, and 2m PCB conveyor. After the equipment arrived at the customer's factory, we provided online technical support, and the customer quickly began production and achieved smooth operation.

On June 5, 2023, our engineer Andy visited the customer's factory to provide comprehensive SMT technical support. This visit further consolidated and extended our successful case of delivering a complete semi-automatic LED Production Line in 2022.

I.C.T SMT engineers gave Training and Tecnical Support to manufacturer

Firstly, we provided detailed training to the customer's staff, ensuring that they mastered the operation and maintenance skills of the semi-automatic SMT LED production line. We shared best practices and operating procedures to minimize errors and downtime in production.

Secondly, we closely collaborated with the customer's engineering team to address challenges in the production process. By optimizing process parameters, equipment layout, and production planning, we helped the customer improve production efficiency and provided recommendations for enhancing product quality.

Lastly, we offered ongoing technical support and maintenance services to ensure the customer's production line operates efficiently at all times. We conducted regular equipment inspections, performed preventive maintenance, and provided emergency repairs and component replacements, creating a reliable production environment for the customer.

LED Energy-Saving Lighting Manufacturer

Full SMT Production Line Equipments for LED Light

The 1.5m SMT Printer brought high precision and stability to the customer's printing process.

The pick and place machine's high speed and high-precision positioning capabilities enabled the customer to achieve higher placement speeds and finer assembly. Our LED Chip Mounter utilized advanced vision recognition systems and intelligent algorithms to quickly and accurately identify and position components, enhancing production efficiency and consistency.

The 8-zone reflow oven provided the customer with an efficient component soldering solution. By precisely controlling temperature profiles and reflow soldering process parameters, the customer could ensure soldering quality, minimize soldering defects, and improve product reliability.


Denmark, as the final stop of our European tour, has brought us valuable experiences and opportunities. As a provider focused on one-stop solutions, I.C.T consistently exceeds customer expectations in solution configuration, technical support, fast delivery, and service support, representing reliability in the industry. We highly value collaboration with customers worldwide, understanding their needs and providing comprehensive support.

If you have any further questions about our solutions or would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact our team We look forward to collaborating with you and providing the best electronic manufacturing solutions.

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