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How to Start Security Camera Turnkey Semi-auto JUKI SMT Line at Your Facility Without the Hassle

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The demand for SMT Production Line for security cameras has been on the rise in recent years due to the increasing need for security and surveillance systems across various sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

1.Customer Product and Market Positioning

Our customer in Iraq is a highly competitive company committed to becoming a leading provider of services, infrastructure, communications, and electronics in the industry. They strive to offer the best products and services to their customers to meet the demands of the market.

Recently, we purchased a complete Turnkey SMT Semi-auto Production Line from I.C.T. This production line is capable of achieving a semi-automatic production rate of 24,000 CPH. It is intended for use in smart city solutions, including internet portals, monitoring and communication systems, solar energy, and all products required for residential areas and cities.

2. Customer Factory Status

JUKI SMT Production Line

Customer office

Turnkey JUKI SMT Production Line

Customer factory

This turnkey SMT production line arrived at the customer's factory intact after about two months of sea transportation. Our SMT engineer, Wick, went to Iraq to provide technical support for the customer in March 2023.

After arriving in Iraq, our engineers were warmly welcomed by customers at the airport and took a group photo. Here share some customer office photos with you.

After the warm reception, our engineers went straight to the customer's factory to get started with their technical support work. The photos taken at the factory show the SMT engineers working closely with the customer's staff, discussing technical issues and troubleshooting any problems that arise.

3. Customer Requirement

The requirements for using an SMT production line to produce security monitoring products would depend on the specific products being produced. customer requirements include:

1. High precision and accuracy: Security monitoring products such as cameras and sensors require high precision and accuracy in their manufacturing process to ensure their functionality and reliability.

2. Quality control: The SMT production line equipment quality should be guaranteed.

3. Component compatibility: The SMT production line should be capable of handling a wide range of electronic components and be compatible with the specific components required for the security monitoring products.

4. Efficiency and productivity: The production line should be able to produce a high volume of products efficiently and with a high level of productivity to meet demand.

5. Compliance with industry standards: The production process should comply with industry standards for security monitoring products to ensure their safety, reliability, and compatibility with other products and systems in the market.

6. Technical support and after-sales service: There are several concerns that customers have regarding technical support and after-sales service when purchasing SMT line equipments, such as how to train their employees and SMT engineers on the machine after the equipment arrives at their factory, the warranty period of the machine, etc.,

Therefore, after understanding the customer's budget,needs and obtaining their BOM (bill of materials), our professional engineering team communicated with the customer multiple times to customize a turnkey production line for them.

5. I.C.T  SMT Line Machine Products Delivery and Technology Support

During this time in the customer's factory in Iraq, our engineers seriously provided training and technical support for the customer's employees on semi-auto PCB printer, JUKI placement machine, reflow solder oven, SMT PCB conveyor and other products, which were recognized by customers.

I.C.T overseas technical support engineers can go to your factory doing installation training services. Also, I.C.T team provide online support, There are user manuals,installation videos coming with machine and in our server.

I.C.T Security Industry Customers

Security monitor/ Smart home JUKI / Hanwha fully automated production line

Kazakhstan SMT production line

This Russian customer purchased a full-auto JUKI SMT production line and DIP Line Machine  from I.C.T in 2020. Since then, they have maintained contact with I.C.T and in 2023, they repurchased a full-auto JUKI SMT line and DIP line from I.C.T for their new factory in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan JUKI SMT production line

Bulgaria customer in 2019 Samsung/ Hanwha turn-key SMT line

This full-auto production line includes: PCB loader and unloader, full-auto stencil printer, Hanwha Pick and Place Machine, reflow oven, translation shuttle conveyor, etc,.

If you are interested in investing in a turnkey production line, but not sure which option is best for your needs, I.C.T provides customer with specific production solutions and workshop planing supports on the base of customer's products, budget and workshop environment. You can reach them at +86 13670124230 or email:

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