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SMT Solution for Underwater Drone

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In Apir 2022, a company which is an IT and robot development company located in Russian has touched I.C.T and told us they needed an SMT Production Line for their new project: Underwater Drones. It wasn't long before we established trust and reached our first cooperation.

At the beginning, we knew little about underwater drones, and it was our first time to cooperate with this kind of customer. They were very patient and communicated with us many cases about underwater UAV. It reminded me of a video I once saw on TikTok where the safest thing for divers to do when they go to new waters is  to survey them with an underwater drone first. This will give you some idea of potential dangers ahead of time.

smt production line for underwater drones
smt production line for underwater drones
smt production line for underwater drones
smt production line for underwater drones

These underwater drones can be operated from a mobile phone to view underwater scenes. More sophisticated UAVs could be used to study seabed life, repair ship hulls, explore for Marine minerals, rescue underwater and much more.  With the increasing demand for underwater UAVs, there are many kinds of UAVs. The specific application of this customer's underwater uav is not told, but it must be very cutting-edge technology.

smt production line for underwater drones
smt production line for underwater drones
smt production line for underwater drones

For this project, I.C.T engineers actively communicated with the customer about the actual product situation. Based on the PCB motherboard information provided by the customer and the planned capacity in the future, One Full-auto SMT Production Line has been choosed for Underwater Drone, Including Automatic Solder Paste Printer MachineOnline SPI, SMT Pick and Place Machine, reflow Oven Lyra622, Online AOI, NG/OK Unloader Machine, Conveyors etc.

Especially for the SMT Chip Mounter, we choose JUKI RS-1R for our customers, which can apply SMT to a wider range of components and placement speed can reach 47,000 CPH. The motherboard for underwater drones can be produced at full speed. It is estimated that an hour's board production is 90-120 pcs. The SMT line is also equipped with SPI and AOI with industrial grade high precision CCDS, which can greatly reduce the defect rate of the board.

If you also have SMT equipment needs, please contact us, we will provide you with the most professional support.

smt production line for underwater drones

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