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Home Appliance SMT Production Line in Elaraby Group, Egypt

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Elaraby is a very well-known group company all around North Africa. It has 26 independent factories in Egypt, mainly producing TV sets, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other household appliances.

In recent years, their products have expanded to all aspects of life, such as electric water heaters, freestanding cookers, ovens, toasters, personal care products, vacuum cleaners, watches, and so on.

Elaraby Household Appliances

ELARABY Appliance

Elaraby TV

ELARABY Appliance

Elaraby Appliances

ELARABY Appliance

I.C.T have cooperated with Elaraby since 2019. They looked for SMT equipment for the LED TV production line, inspected 5 suppliers, and finally bought one fully automatic solder paste printing machine and several PCB conveyors with us. When our overseas engineer provides them with after-sales service, they also appreciate our product quality and after-sales service. So far, we have successively purchased a lot of SMT equipment.

stencil printer machine

Meeting in ELARABY

pcb stencil printer

Meeting in ELARABY

eta semi auto stencil printer

Meeting in ELARABY

It is worth mentioning that the solder paste printing machine. Because Elaraby plans to produce the large-size LED TV, needs to use the SMT production line to produce the backlight LED bar with a length of 1200mm, and the selection of the automatic printing machine is particularly strict.

The P1200 stencil printer can print PCB up to 1200mm in length. Those who guarantee the speed must also guarantee the quality of the printing. After being tested in our company, they chose our stencil printer. Later, the customer also mentioned to us, because the software of our equipment is more convenient to use, and the operation is very easy, so we are the first choice.

stencil printer

Romeo and ELARABY engineer

smt stencil printer machine

ELARABY engineer

smt solder paste printing machine

Engineers and SMT production line

Our engineer Romeo went to the customer's factory in November 2019 and gave the customer the equipment debugging and training them. Two stories happened during the after-services, which made Romeo still fresh in his memory.

During the installation and debugging of the conveyor, our engineer always found that there were problems during use, such as the JUKI pick and place machine, Heller reflow soldering oven, and the PCBA dispensing machine and IR curing oven, etc., which could not transmit data to the conveyor normally.

Experienced engineer Romeo ruled out various reasons. After testing, it was discovered that the SMEMA connector on the equipment purchased locally in Egypt was different from the international SMEMA line. Eventually, engineer Romeo modified our SMEMA interface to suitable the others. Then everything is normal.
Another thing is Elaraby always holds one party each month for the guests present at their factory. One day, enginneer Romeo was invited to a dinner party, and more than 20 people attended the evening. He thought it was a very great experience, and that the corporate culture of Elaraby is still very wonderful.

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