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I.C.T Annual Travel to Thailand, 2023

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Gear Up for the Annual Company Trip - Exploring Thailand!

Participant:  I.C.T Team

I.C.T, a leading supplier of SMT equipment focus on global customers, is going on our annual company trip to Thailand. We will exploring the wonders of this captivating Southeast Asian destination.

Throughout the five-day, our team will embark on a variety of activities and experiences. From exploring ancient temples and vibrant markets to indulging in authentic Thai cuisine and relaxing on pristine beaches, every moment promises to be unforgettable. In addition, carefully curated team-building exercises  will enhance communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills among our dedicated employees.

Follow our journey on  for more updates!

The 1st day, the I.C.T team flew to the world-class insland resort - Phuket Island


I.C.T factory

I.C.T TEAM at the airport

I.C.T at Guangzhou Airport

I.C.T landed in Phuket

I.C.T landed in Phuket

The 2nd day, Phuket Old Town and Prom Thep Cape

Sleep to wake uo naturally, and relex by swimming in the hotel pool after breakfast.

Then went to Phuket Old Town to feel the most unique culture of Phket.

Stand on the Prom Thep Cape, overlooking the entire Andaman sea view.

I.C.T at Prom Thep Cape

The 3rd day, Pin Pin Don - Enjoy a trip to the sea

Pin Pin Don, it is a place that favored by sun, soft white sand, quiet blue water and natural caves are amazing, which is worthy of the reputation of "Shangri-La of Thailand" and "Backpacker paradise".

I.C.T in Phuket

The 4th day, travel to Coral Island on a 25 million baht Italian imported sailing boat

Named for its rich coral babitat, Coral Island is surrounded by a variety of colorful coral reefs, beautifull secenry is one of the best places in Phuket for water skiing, snorkeling, surfing and sailing and other water activities.

I.C.T at Coral Island

Centennial Estate - Tasting Thai style meal

In addition, visit popular Thai restaurants and the Forg Night Market to feel a more "local" lifestyle with different Thai flavours and specialities of Thai cuisine.

Seafood Platter, Seafood Buffet BBQ, Centennial Hill Estate-Thai Style Meal and Romantic Cliff View Dinner.

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