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As a global intelligent equipment provider, I.C.T has continued to provide intelligent electronic equipment for global customers since 2012. 
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I.C.T Opening Ceremony in 2022

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Advance Smart Factory Demo Platform

Globalization & Localization

I.C.T Move to a New Factory. The Grand Opening Celebration Party was held. 


Date:  September 19th, 2022

Location:  I.C.T Industrial Park, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Participant:  I.C.T Team

From a small factory of 500 square meters in Shenzhen to a new factory of 2,500 square meters in Dongguan, I.C.T relocated twice this year, and the Team has grown to more than 50 people.  

I.C.T have been through a tough time, but we make it, every difficulty we experienced will make us progress.

In the future, we will continue to provide FULL SMT SOLUTION for customers with more than 20 years SMT experience, One-stop purchasing experience and seamless connection after-sales service.

ICT SMT Factory 01

ICT SMT Factory 02

ICT SMT Factory 04

ICT SMT Factory

ICT SMT Factory

We gathered from different places to celebrate the comprehensive upgrade and relocation of I.C.T.

Simple, Open, Undertake, Coordination and Share, as our team culture have already entered the hearts of every I.C.T partner, and can be felt and displayed in every detail and every corner.

smt factory_副本

Hunging up red lanterns and setting of firecrackers, indicating good luck and prosperity.

CONGRATULATION flag is hoisted, the operation department operates the drone for filming.

ICT Team

We popped champagne to celebrate.

Everyone left their wishes and expectations on the sign-in wall.

ICT donation

When disaster struck, help came from all sides

Donation from I.C.T to Sichuan earthquake, hope help them get through the tough time.

Happy Time:

We play games and exchange gifts to each other.

I.C.T team is versatile, Shady who can ventriloquize a B-box, and Remeo who can do cartwheels etc..

Then we took group photos and personal image photos of the team as souvenirs. 

After the opening ceremony, we held a celebration party - Barbecue 

Work hard, play hard.

smt machine
smt machine
smt factory

12S Management:

From the moment of I.C.T opening celebration, 12S management has been implemented.

Our goal is to gradually catch up with international excellent smt factories. It will be an inseparable part of I.C.T's future daily operation and management. 

Everyone will take the 12S as their standard of conduct.

This is the basis of our equipment quality assurance and also the mission of our I.C.T.

12S-1 smt machine
12S smt machine

For the new SMT Factory is composed of two parts, one is the office area, the other is the workshop. The total area is about 2500 square meters.

ICT Team

Part One: office area ( about 400sq.m.)

Your One-stop SMT Solution Partner

Part Two:  SMT Machine Production Workshop area ( Two floors total area about 2100 sq.m.)

ICT SMT Production line

I.C.T Full SMT Production Line

ICT SMT PCB Reflow oven machine

I.C.T SMT PCB Reflow Oven

ICT Wave soldering machine with wave unloader

I.C.T Wave Soldering Machine

ICT AOI machine

I.C.T AOI machine


I.C.T SMT PCB Loader

SMT Machine

I.C.T SMT Machine

Welcome to I.C.T


1. By Subway/Metro: Take line 2 to the CHENWU station ( 陈屋  ), and we will pick you up at the Exit B.

2. By Car/Taxi: Set the end point on Baidu or AutoNavi map as: 洲际技术  ( Intercontinental Technology)

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