As a global intelligent equipment provider, I.C.T has continued to provide intelligent electronic equipment for global customers since 2012. 

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I.C.T | Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) System in SMT PCB Manufacturing

ESD System is built on three key modules – Protection, Elimination, and Monitoring.
These modules work together seamlessly to create a secure environment for your equipment.
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Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) System in SMT Manufacturing


I.C.T ESD System

What is ESD System?

( ESD) electrostatic discharge systems, are essential in the SMT production process. Electrostatic charges can build up on components and circuit boards during manufacturing, potentially causing damage to sensitive electronic components. ESD systems ground operators and equipment to eliminate static electricity, thus protecting the components and ensuring consistent and reliable production.

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Why you need ESD system in SMT PCB Manufacturing?

Without ESD systems, static electricity can cause damage to electronic components, resulting in product failures and increased scrap rates. ESD systems also help to reduce the attraction of dust and other contaminants to the circuit boards, improving product quality and reducing the need for cleaning and rework.

How We Help You Establish an ESD System in Your SMT factory?

Help you build a factory ESD system through three modules: protection, elimination, and monitoring. Protect your factory, employees, and electronic components from the risks associated with static electricity.


Planning ESD Systems for SMT and DIP Production Lines:

SMT line

Project Planning Catalog

ESD System Project Planning Catalog

Intelligent grounding monitoring of ESD System:

Intelligent Ground

Intelligent DC ion blower of ESD System:

Intelligent DC ion blower

ESD System Access Control Gate:

ESD System Access Control Gate

The ESD (anti-static) access control system is an access control system used to detect the static electricity of entering personnel before entering the anti-static work area. 

This system combines the human body static electricity comprehensive tester and the electrostatic door. An advanced product of prohibition control equipment and computerized management software, which can ensure that when workers enter the electrostatic protection area, they are truly prepared for the correct protection of personnel against static electricity and combined with channel information.As a control device for the flow of people, there are multiple entry methods according to the permission settings of the card (hand test, shoe test, hand and shoe same side, no test). 

This system can provide orderly and civilized passage for people entering and exiting method to prevent illegal entry and exit, quickly control the falling pole in emergency situations and organize the evacuation of personnel.

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Air Shower / Cargo Shower:

Air shower cargo shower

Information Management Data Dashbord:

Information management data

Professional ESD overall solution,Assist customers to solve ESD and EOS issues such as R&D,  Solution manufacturing process, testing, and warehousing.

ESD intelligent management system is not just to solve a point or a surface problem, but to solve a problem in a field.

I.C.T - Our Company

SMT machine

About I.C.T: 

I.C.T is a leading provider of factory planning solution. We have 3 wholly-owned factories, providing professional consultation and services for global customers. We have more than 22 years of eletronic overall solutions. We not only provide a complete set of equipment, but also provide full range of technical support and services, and give customers more reasonable professional advice. We help many customersv to set up factories in LED, TV, mobile phone, DVB, EMS and other indutries all over the world. We are to set up factories in LED, TV, mobile phone, DVB, EMS and other indutries all over the world. We are trustworthy.

I.C.T Team


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For SMT Factory Setup, We Can Do for You:

1.  We Provide Full SMT Solution for You

2.  We Provide Core Technology With Our Equipments

3.  We Provide The Most Professional Tech Service

4.  We Have Wealthy Experience on SMT Factory Setup

5.  We Can Solve Any Question About SMT

I.C.T Global SMT Services

I.C.T Global SMT Services

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