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What Tests are Required for a Qualified Reflow Oven Before it Shipped to The Customer?

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I.C.T company was established in 2012, we help many customers set up their factory from 0 to 1. Any I.C.T brand was knew in many countries. Some customers find us because his engineer have used I.C.T machine in his previous company. 

Last year, we bought a great team who own the technology of reflow oven that is the same level with Rehm. The best professional engineer have more than 20 years experience in Reflow Oven. He love reflow oven more than everything. Many small problem or error in reflow oven in every company, some problem is so small that people don't want to solved, but he and his team discuss every week to upgrade the reflow oven to make it better. So that why our Lyra series model reflow oven sell more and more with good feedback.

Before we ship the reflow oven to our customers, we must have some test, here we share some test to you:

1.Oxygen content test of nitrogen reflow oven: Usually the oxygen content is less than 0.01%, the welding effect will be perfect.

2. Noise test: There will be a lot of noise in normal reflow oven, but Lyra can reach below 70 dB.

3.Motor speed test: This is to test whether the speed of each motor is stable and whether it meets the set standard.

4.Motor vibration test: If the vibration is too large, it will affect the temperature imbalance

5. We have conducted temperature tests on the machine casing, high temperature zone of the preheating zone, cooling zone and electric box, and the temperature is in the ideal state.

6. Intelligent thermal profiler test: This is the most important thing. The temperature profile of each reflow oven will be tested multiple times to meet our own standards, or to meet customer specific standards.

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