SMD Assembly Line | What is LED Flip Chip2020-07-06

LED flip chip means that the chip can be directly attached to the ceramic substrate without bonding wires. We call it a DA chip (Directly Attached chip).

ETA LED Strip Production Line SMT Solution2020-06-29

High quality PCB turn-key SMT line, PCB assembly line, LED production line, with high speed.

ETA Shipment | SMD Reflow Ovens2020-06-22

We are professional SMT manufacture in China, main equipment: pick and place machine, reflow oven, SMT stencil printer and wave soldering machine etc.

An Essential Equipment for a Full-auto SMT Production Line2020-06-16

SMT production line is also called surface assembly technology. It is a new generation of electronic assembly technology developed from hybrid integrated circuit technology.

The Composition and Classification of SMT Line2020-06-08

The SMT production line is composed of a lot of production equipment, and the work of each production equipment is not the same, but the ultimate goal of each equipment is a printed circuit board.

SMT Industry Development Trends | SMT Line2020-06-04

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